Monday, August 31, 2009

Buwan ng Wika Celebration: Declamation Contest

In celebrating the Buwan ng Wika, the SFAS students had a Declamation contest which was held last August 27, 2009 in the covered court area. The following judged the contest: Sir JR Abello, Mrs. Bing Ledesma-Benin and Ms. Carmelita Gustilo. Seniors Micho Santillan and Fiona Mulle emceed the program.

The following participated: Kyle Dominic Barnuevo from Grade 6 who got the first place, Christine Reyes (Grade 5) and Oliver James Boiser (Grade 4).

For the high school, the following competed with each other: Micho Santillan from the 4th year who got the first place, Edcil Belgira (3rd year), Johannah Ganza (2nd year), and Alan Parreno (1st year).

Note: You can view their performances at the video gallery of

Buwan ng Wika Celebration: Culmination Day

SFAS celebrated Buwan ng Wika with a "bang" during it's Culmination Day last August 28, 2009.
Of course, EVERY student and FACULTY/STAFF (including some parents) wore Filipiniana attire.

Contests were held like the Chorale Tula between Grades 1 to 3, Vocal Solo of any Original Pilipino Music between Grades 4 to 6 and the high school, and the Pop Dance Contest between high school.

Parlor games were played such as sack race, planting rice, crab race and "bunot" race (coconut husk). The highlight of the games was the Palo Sebo where the boys had to climb a bamboo pole and get the flag at the top most. What's the catch? The pole is rubbed with oil.

Thanks to our dearest parents who made the celebration very festive by building native huts around the field, selling native food and drinks. Smoke filled the air with the heavenly smell of grilled food, from fish to chicken to pork!

Note: You can view the programs at the video gallery of

Grade 3 Parents Recollection

SFAS held a recollection last August 30, 2009 to parents of Grade 3 pupils who will be having their First Holy Communion in February 2010. The recollection was designed to help parents prepare and guide their children as they receive the Sacrament of The Holy Eucharist.

It was facilitated by Ms. Monina Dioso (servng as catechist of the Parish of San Diego for 30 years) and Mr. Arnel Amoyo, a catechist of the same parish.

I learned to know the life and follow the words of Jesus Christ. (Mrs. Julie J. Paviena)

I achieved greater self-knowledge and humility in approaching the Sacrament of Reconciliation. (Mrs. Mitzi D. Oquindo)

I learned to admit that I am wrong and am willing to change. (Mrs. Maritess Rotelo)

SFAS Students Learn The Basics in Cheer Dancing

The University of St. La Salle Pep Squad organized a whole day cheer dance workshop and training last August 30, 2009 at USLS - Bacolod City. SFAS sent chosen 1st - 4th year students to attend the training.

I learned that cheer dance is very difficult. Learning the different techniques and stunts were amazing. - by Joahanna Ganza, 2nd year student

I learned different stunts and motions and how to be a good cheerer. - by Kimberly Salario, 3rd year student

I learned the basic steps in cheer leading. - by Argie Talavera, 4th year student

I learned different stunts and skills but most importantly, the safety measures and proper procedures in doing those activities. - by Sir Armando Gayatenia, P.E. teacher

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Social Studies Grade 5 Class Field Trip

Social Study is an interesting subject especially when learning about our Philippine History.

The Grade 5 class with their subject teacher, Sir Mat Carlo, went on a field trip in the University of St. La Salle Museum and Negros Museum last August 25, 2009. Its objective was for the students and teacher to gain more information about the life of the early Filipinos.

I had learned so many things in La Salle especially when I saw the different saints. (Fitzgerald L. Gadeja)

I learned that all things that are made with love and respect are things that stay longer and valuable, too. (Mitch Parrenas)

I found interesting the different paintings, toys, key chains and the 300 books. (Hannah Mae Bacroya)

I learned the way of life of early Filipinos such as Negritos, Indones and Malays. (Cee Jay Villaren)

I learned the things used and how they are being used during the early Filipino time. (Ma. Remia B. Bernil)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Buwan ng Wika Celebration: August 24 Presentation

Another "Filipino"- filled celebration of Buwan ng Wika last August 24, 2009 as the High School students presented a variety show. The 1st and 3rd year classes presented the life of the late President Cory Aquino and her husband Ninoy Aquino; the 2nd year class, an interpretative dance of "Bayan Ko;" the 4th year class, an interpretative poem. The SFAS Chorale rendered the songs "Isang Lahi" and "Bayan Ko."

After the presentation, the students went back to their classrooms and treated themselves to Filipino snack-food again.

Note: You can view the SFAS Chorale presentation in video at the video gallery of

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Buwan ng Wika Celebration: August 17 Presentation

Another "Filipino"-filled celebration of Buwan ng Wika last August 17, 2009 as the Grades 4 - 6 students presented a variety show. The 4th graders presented a poem, "Ang Bayan Kong Minamahal." The 5th graders danced to the music "Ang Bayan Ko." Rodelmar Coja and Gleeann Sola of Grade 6 class sang "Isang Lahi" and "Dito Ba?" respectively. All three grades sang "Magkaisa" and "Panahon ng Pagbabago," inviting the audience to sing along.

After the presentation, the students went back to their classrooms and treated themselves to Filipino snack-food again.

Faculty Devt.: Mental Math Seminar

The MSA Academic Advancement Institute organized the Mental Math with Problem Solving Techniques seminar last August 22, 2009 at the St. Theresita's Academy in Silay City. The seminar, attended by Math teachers and parents, not only taught techniques on developing speed and accuracy in solving Math problems, but also taught ways to help students overcome their fear of Math and view it as fun, easy and exciting.

I learned different techniques in solving equations in the fastest way. - by Ms. Rosemarie Iglesia (Math teacher in Grades 1 - 4)

I learned techniques in Math that are very useful, especially in dealing with large numbers. - by Sir Leonard Guinabo (Math teacher in Grades 5 - 6 and 3rd -4th year)

Club Meetings for the Month of August 2009

Another fun-filled hour for the students as they had their Club meeting for the month.

Young Explorer Club - constructed a simple circuit model
Surfer Club - researched about "Global Warming"
D' Voice of God Club - did visual aids and learned how to tell the story of Creation
Kiddie Dice and Blocks - played board games
Arteh Club - did a mural painting on the Science Lab wall
Knights of the Altar - learned how to arrange the chalice
Young Scientists Club - watched a film on the different animals and fish in Calapagos Island
Basketball Club - played basketball
Homemakers Club - cooked and sold lunch (Pork Pochero with rice)
Dice and Blocks Club - played Snake and Ladders and Scrabble
Theatro Ensemble - did the "Scoring the Music" exercise
Chorale - learned proper posture and breathing

A 4-Year Degree is Not The Only Way to Success

Having a four year degree course is not the only way to have a successful career. Mrs. Tina Gromea shared the three secrets to her success: God, knowledge and hard work.

Last August 20, 2009, in front of the Juniors and Seniors, she shared her struggle through the many challenges she faced in order to continue her bakery business. Through the help of the Tapulanga Foundation's Micro-credit program, she was granted a loan for additional capital to further expand it. Mrs. Gromea did not finish college. She is married to a government employee (now retired) with two kids in college. The bakery business is now supporting her family and sending her kids to college.

I learned that having intelligence and faith in God can lead all, whether rich or poor, to success. by Jeremy Deogracias, 4th year student

I learned that in choosing our career, it is like choosing what path to take in life. I could choose according to my wants, passions and likes or take the easiest path. I must choose wisely because these choices will change my life. by Misha Cervantes, 4th year student

I learned that I must have faith in God to accomplish my goals. In doing business, I must know how to make it successful. And I must believe in myself that I can be successful. by Edcil Belgira, 3rd year student

Faculty Development on Lesson Planning

SFAS preschool and elementary teachers attended the Faculty Development last August 20, 2009 which was facilitated by Mrs. Tina Navarro, USLS Supervisor. It was a continuation on the training on constructing a better and more improved lesson plan. Emphasis was given in how to make a generalization.

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Winning Team

Truly deserving of winning the Bulletin Board Contest for the Buwan ng Wika,
the Seniors worked as a team in making this "masterpiece."
From forming the concept, to cutting of paper, to outlining,
to the nailing of bamboo, to painting, to pasting ...
a UNITED effort deserved to win!

Buwan ng Wika: Composition Writing

Wikang Filipino, ito ang Wikang nagbubuklod sa ating mga Pilipino. Ito ang dapat nating matutuhan kahit saan man sa bansa. Ito ang ginagamit natin para magkausap at magkaintindihan. Ang wika natin ay utang natin sa isang tao. Siya ay si Manuel L. Quezon. Siya ay ipinanganak sa Baler, Quezon. Hinangad niya na magkaroon tayo ng wika na sariling atin. Siya ay tinaguriang “Ama ng Wikang Pambansa”. Kahit pumunta man dito ang mga dayuhan, hindi pa rin nito mapipigilan ang pagmamahal natin sa sariling nating Wika. Kahit saan man sa Piipinas, ito ay ginagamit ng bawat Pilipino. Mayroong Cebuano, Bicolano, Ilonggo at iba pa. Kahit iba –iba, ito ay dapat nating mahalin. Mula Luzon, Visayas at hanggang sa Mindanao, ang Wikang Filipino ay dapat nating ipagmalaki. Dapt natin itong ipagmalaki dahil sa ito’y makasaysayan kung hindi ay ito ang Wikang nagbubuklod sa ating mga Pilipino. - written by Cherry Belle Pillon, a Grade 6 student

In celebrating the Buwan ng Wika, SFAS had a composition writing contest based on the theme: "Wikang Filipino: Mula Baler Hanggang Buong Pilipinas." It was conducted last August 17, 2009 (Grades 4 - 6) and August 24, 2009 (high school) in the library and it was judged by Ms. Carmelita "Melit" Gustilo, school principal, Mr. Yoyo Sales Diaz, and USLS Filipino teachers - Ms. Karla Guotana, Sir Rey Mendoza and Ms. Cyril de la Cruz.

Wikang Filipino: Mula Baler Hanggang Buong Pilipinas
"Wika raw ay ating pahalagahan at pagyamanin. Ngunit ang tanong, saan nga ba ito nanggalin?"

Ang dating wika natin ay Espanyol at Pilipino, ngunit kailangan mamili tayo. Kung Espanyol ang iyong ibinigkas, ikaw ay nasa ilalim ng kapangyarihang dinadaan sa lakas at walang kalayaan na natatamo sapagkat ika'y natiintindihan ng mga malalaking leon. Ngayon naman, kung wikang sariling atin ang gagamitin ay magkakaintindihan tayo kahit gaano pa karami ang wika sa bansa.

Sa likod ng tagumpay na magkaroon ng sariling wika, atin bigyan pugay ang Ama ng Wikang
Pambansa. Siya ay si Manuel L. Quezon, ipinanganak noong Agosto 13, 1878 sa Baler, Tayabas na ang tawag ngayon ay Aurora. Anak siya ng dalawang guro at siya ay nakapagtapos sa San Juan de Letran.

Si Manuel ay kilala sapagkat siya ang pangulong isinulong ang wikang tagalog na ang ibig sabihin ay makalumang ilog. Noong siya ang naupo para mamuno, pinili niya ang wikang Tagalog laban sa wikang Espanyol upang gawing Wikang Pambansa. Tinipon niya ang pitong miyembro na nagmula pa sa iba't ibang lugar sa Pilipinas. Napagkasunduan nila na gawing opisyal na wika ang Tagalog noong Disyembre 30. Sa kabila ng lahat, hindi ito kaagad natanggap ng mga Cebuano at Waray kaya nahirapan si Manuel. Iniba niya ang pangalan ng Wikang Pambansa at tinawag itong Filipino. Kahit pwede niyang gawing "Pilipino" ang pantawag sa wika natin, pinili niya ang "Filipino" dahil ang salitang Pilipino ay tumutukoy sa tao na naninirahan sa Pilipinas.

Maituturing talaga si Manuel L. Quezon na isang bayani ng ating bansa dahil siya ang naging instrumento upang magkaisa tayo bilang Pilipino. - written by Juliza Rivera, a 4th year student

Social Studies 7 Drama Presentation

One of the activities done by the Social Studies class of the 1st year was a drama presentation held last August 19, 2009 in support of the INFORMATION and APPRECIATION CAMPAIGN of our great leader"Cory" Aquino.

Two groups dramatized the life and works of the late President Corazon Aquino and the EDSA Revolution.


Note: You can watch a video of one of the drama presentations at

Social Studies Field Trip to Museums

The 1st year class, under the supervision of their Social Studies teacher, Sir Ariel Gabino, had a field trip last August 18, 2009 at the University of St. La Salle Museum and Negros Museum in Bacolod City. The objectives were for the students to learn more about early civilization of the Philippines, expose them in various antiques or artifacts and know the history of Negros Occidental. The Social Studies class in 1st year is all about Philippine history.

I liked all the things I saw because all were antiques. (Jason Ibanez)

I liked the Statue of Our Lady of Manaog. It was in brilliant gold thus representing the light of the world. (Alan Parreno)

I learned and saw many things such as the chair where the late Pope John Paul II sat during his visit to Bacolod, paintings, and mannequins showing the historical event of Cinco de Nobyembre. (Jean Bernadette Mate)

I liked the Lady of Manaog because it was made of gold. (Ronnie Jude Navigar)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You Can Make A Difference for Only Php10 or $0.22 a day!

What is Php10 a day? Or Php50 a week?
ONE Jollibee or McDonald's value meal is one WEEK'S lunch of a student.

What is $0.22 a day? $3.75 a month?
ONE Starbucks coffee is one MONTH'S lunch meal of a student.

These children need your help! Tapulanga Foundation's Lunch Meal Program provides free lunch meals (rice and viand) every school day for a whole year to the students. For only Php2,000 or $45, you can already sponsor a student's lunch meal for an entire school year.

We have at least 100 kids whom we'd like to provide free lunch in school.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

School Clean-Up


SFAS parents were proud to participate in the School Clean-Up Day organized by the Parents Council Association (PCA) last August 8, 2009. The activity was well supported due to a very good attendance of parents. Special mention goes to the Kindergarten and Grade 1 parents. All 27 parents of the Kinder class joined. Only 1 parent (of 40) didn't make it in the Grade 1 class. Fathers, mothers, guardians, students and even teachers mowed and trimmed grass and shrubs, planted trees near beside the corridor, and cleaned backyard and pathways.

Top Library Borrowers for the 1st Quarter


Artillo, Liliana
Apacible, Mel Joshua
Adelino, Scheynah June
Bacaoco, Llanica Mariae
Bedrio, Reggie
Berte, Angel Mae
Bano, Ellen Marie
Capablanca, Marla
Demogena, Althea
Guadalupe, Sarah
Gomez, Juliana
Gonzales, Paul John
Lozada, Shane
Macahilig, Arnel
Palec, Romeo

Amador, Toffy
Bones, Neil Vincent
Costa, John Jay
Claridad, John Rey
Lautrezo, Chris Lawrence
Marasigan, Paul
Parrenas, Matt Prince
Pagayon, Arabela
Rotelo, Steve Andrew
Saura, Angela
Santillan, Reven
Silva, Dennezil

Antolo, Joeven
Apacible, Karl Michael
Cordero, Desiree
Carballo, Ma. Alexa
Filipinas, Sheila Mae
Lozada, Kevin
Lautrezo, Armando Chio
Lozada, Truwin
Marco, Kenneth George
Oquindo, Yzi
Pepito, Christian
Pepito, Christel
Pechera, Emmanuel
Pabale, Kevin
Paviera, Hern
Rotelo, Steve Louise
Roquero, Jesreel
Velmonte, Lyne
Umali, Louise Spencer

Adorio, Rena Mae
Legaspi, Althea
Getolle, Jerthud
Tello, Michol
Villanueva, Christine Joy
Ferreras, Jasper

Bacaoco, Lloyd
Bacroya, Hannah
Fuentes, Lance
Guilaran, Thyrine
Pagayon, Rupert
Reyes, Christine Marie
Tininahan, Thea

All students

Alvarez, Paul John
Artista, Jomar
Blanco, Jacques
Mate, Jean
Patulin, Rameses
Zaragosa, Christy
Ibanez, Jason

Bolivar, Emmanuel
Buensuceso, Edcil
Constantino, Shaira
Gayatenia, Emmanuel
Pagayon, Roberto
Silva, BienaMae

Villaestiva, Sembiller
Antolo, Jayson

Deogracias, Jeremy


Bolivar, Emmanuel (2nd year)
Buensuceso, Edcil (2nd year)
Ferreras, Jasper (Grade 4)
Saluta, Pryle (Grade 6)
Silva, Biena Mae (2nd year)
Bacaoco, Lloyd (Grade 5)
Fuentes, Lance (Grade 5)
Franco, Aldrin (Grade 5)
Tininahan, Thea (Grade 5)
Corugda, Claude (Grade 6)

Buwan ng Wika Celebration: Sharing of "Filipino" Snacks

It has been a tradition in SFAS for several years that during the month of August, as the school celebrates Buwan ng Wika, once a week the students in each class bring different "native" snacks to share with one another. They eat together before dismissal in the afternoon. Filipino snack favorites are: Valenciana, suman, cassava cake, puto, bayi-bayi, but-ong, inday-inday or palitaw, kutsinta, ube delight, bitso-bitso, boiled banana, ibos, panara, kalamay-hati, and bibingka.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Buwan ng Wika Celebration: Poster-Making and Bulletin Board Contests

As the school celebrates Buwan ng Wika with the theme " Wikang Filipino: Mula Baler Hanggang Buong Pilipinas", poster-making and bulletin board contests were conducted and judged last August 13, 2009 by Sir Carlo Concha (Art teacher), Mr. Ian Valladarez (a member of the Silay Group of Artists) and Mr. Benjamin Arceo (former curator of Bernardino Jalandoni Museum and recently an Elder of the Catholic Charismastic Renewal Movement in San Diego Parish, Silay City).

And the winners are ...

Jesselle Torres and Thyrine Guilaran
(Grade 5 students)

Nhelsy Joy Franco and Thyrine Mondragon
(2nd year students)

Misha Cervantes and Aeriel Guadalupe, 4th year students

Grade 2

Grade 6

4th year

Free Design-Day for the 6th Graders

Yeheey!!! We had a great fun during our free day!

Grade 6 students, with their adviser, Sir Ariel Gabino, spent their free day in Caribbean Water Resort, Bacolod City last August 14, 2009. The class was entitled to a "free design day" because they reached 30 stars for perfect attendance. A "free design day" is a day awarded to a class where they get a "break" from the daily classroom routine and have fun bonding with each other.

I liked the slide and the pool. (Pryle Saluta)

I liked the big pool and the slides. (Cyrene Marie Boiser)

I liked swimming in the pool. (Kyle Barnuevo)

I loved to slide in the pool. (Maria Paula Gamboa)