Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kindergarten Class of 2014 Graduation

Our kindergarten students are finally ready to enter grade school! The class of 2014 held a simple graduation ceremony last March 22 at the school's Edgardo Ledesma Hall.

With the theme "Play, Learn, and Grow Together with Jesus!", the 38 kindergarten kids showed off in great performances for their parents and guests.

Everyone was entertained with the mini-play in the Ilonggo dialect, 
"Si Amo kag si Bao (The Monkey and the Turtle)"

The morning class performed a dance number, "Jesus is my Superhero."
The afternoon class danced to the song, "God Made Me."

The morning class with adviser, Sir Gabby Madayag.

The afternoon class with adviser, Ms. Mylyn Dorendes.