Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Bigger Team for SY 2009 - 2010

Team building is very essential to an organization's development and progress, much more with a community of educators trying to create better learning for students. With team building, participants get to know each other and renew a sense of fun. This activity is a powerful and personal introduction of team members.

The school's (SFAS) sense of BIG TEAM is one prime example. The activities prepared were focused much on cooperation, teamwork, trust, unity and development of one's confidence. Although the objectives were set on activities for the development and progress of the school, it was inevitable to say that the other beneficial result went to the teachers and staff of SFAS as a team. The result was attaining the phrase itself: BIG TEAM. The activity expanded the relationship of teachers and staff to a broader perspective.

SFAS started the new school year with a Team Building activity last May 11 - 13, 2009, facilitated by Sir JR Abello.

I liked the activities especially the games and dramatization and when we shared our experiences last school year. (Sir Ariel Gabiño)

I liked the giving of certificates or "special awards" because it motivated us teachers to do better. (Ms. Harlene Figueroa)

The activities we had were fun and challenging. It gave me the opportunity to be with my co-teachers/workers and had some sharing about life's experiences. (Ms. Lina Gabiño)

I liked that we shared our feelings with one another. (Sir Leonard Guinabo)

We developed self confidence. (Sir JR Abello)

All the games, activities and the camaraderie of the faculty and staff was my best feature in this team building. (Ms. Dina Almarquez)

The best feature in the team building was when we had to act or do things through situations given. (Ms. Melit Gustilo)

The outing and sharing were my best features in the team building. (Sir Carlo Concha)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Line to Progress

All of us are craving for progress for this sinking country of ours. But it is so ironic that you’re falling in a long line at the only fast food chain in your place to buy something to eat.

Because it is so long, you can’t see the place where the cashier is. So, you just patiently stay on your line and wait for your turn. You notice that for every fifteen minutes you just move five (5) half steps and you don’t even react to it. After three hours, you are already famished that your stomach is making some strange sounds and you are about to cry because of pain. Then, as you glance to where the cashier is to know if you’re nearer, you see people like shattered pieces of glasses surrounding the cashier pushing one another to order and then you realized that there is actually no line. What will you feel? Will you burst out of anger? I think you will because Misha and I experienced that during the Yes Camp to get our dinner. The scene will really make your friendly face distorted into a rage. It was really embarrassing, disappointing and frustrating that even a few teachers were not falling in line. I felt a very strong pressure of air coming out of my nostrils and two ears. Until then, I started to ask myself how can this country progress if most of us have no self-discipline and care for one another? If during that time, everybody just fell in line, surely, nobody will be famished. The distribution of meals will be easier and faster. It is just like in our country. If all of us will just have self-discipline and care for one another, the progress that we are thirsty of will be an easy touch down. – by Micho Santillan, incoming 4th year student who was one of the participants in the YES Camp in Baguio

7th Youth For Environment Summer Camp

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Special Concerns Office Youth Desk, the Kabataang Sama-Samang Maglilingkod (KASAMA), Inc. and the Department of Education-Center for Students and Co-Curricular Affairs conducted the 7th Youth for Environment Summer (YES) Camp last April 26 - 30, 2009 at the Teachers Camp, Baguio City. The camp had the following objectives: (1) develop students' awareness on the state of the environment and (2) instill environmental values in every student to motivate actual involvement in programs and projects for the environment.

Activities during the YES Camp included interactive and fun plenary sessions, panel discussions, action planning, field exposures, outdoor activities and contests, such as poetree-writing and interpretation, on-the-spot poster-making, debate, story-telling, Sayaw at Awit sa Kalikasan, quiz bee, Search for the Lakambini and Lakan ng Kalikasan, exhibits and many more!

It was my first time to go to Baguio to attend an Environmental seminar. Over 5,000 high school and college students, Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) officials, and teachers participated. I learned a lot about our environment. We also went to SM Baguio, Mines View Garden and other tourist spots. In Manila, my tito (uncle) brought us in the historical places such as Rizal Park, Aguinaldo Shrine and many others. - by Mark Pollen Parreñas, incoming 4th year student

April 25, 2009 was the day that I couldn’t wait because starting that day, we will become independent and travel without teacher or parent. In Baguio, I can’t forget the times we would fall in line to get our food from 1 – 3 hours! Unforgettable man para sa amon ni Kim ang pagpapicture upod sa dancers ni Sam Concepcion. Indi ko man malimtan ang paguwa ka smoke sa amon baba kung gab-i because of the cold weather. Tugnaw gid to!!! When we were in Manila, I can’t forget ang paglagaw namon sa Luneta, Aguinaldo Shrine, SM Mall of Asia kag sa Tagaytay. In those experiences, I learned to be more self- confident. – by Shera Mae Andrada, incoming 4th year student

I enjoyed a lot meeting persons that made the trip enjoyable and unforgettable. It is our “utang na loob” to him and his family that made our desires in going around Manila possible. We are so thankful for the chance they gave us. They sacrificed a lot for us and they showed us kindness and hospitality. We are thankful for the home they shared with us and for the free overnight gaming and internet surfing. Once again, thank you Tito Boy Dorimon and family!

Meeting her was unforgettable: her face, her smile, her humor and most of all, her voice. She is a person that has an amazing talent. We bowed our heads to her when she sang. We laughed out loud every time she did something funny. And meeting her gave me an idea on what kind of course I will choose for my college. (Thank you for that Ate!) Being with her in our room made us explore our minds in the field of music by hearing her voice in any type of genre. Ate Dyan Dioa, you are very important to us! We consider you already as our ate and we really believe in you and in your talent. We thank God for meeting you and for the things we learned from you! Hope to see you soon Ate!

I met so many people that made my experiences in Baguio unforgettable. Like kuya “John the great” or alias Joban who he sold us a ball pen for their fund raising. I also met two little girls who always smiled at us while they were playing in front of us. Then a man who carried an open umbrella inside the mall (he made us laugh). And the super “gwapo” waiter and boy scout! I also thank God for my companions in this trip because they were the ones who made me laugh and forget my problem just even for a while.

I may not have learned a lot from the seminar itself but I think it was part of God’s plan that I was able to encounter these kinds of people (from the new ones I’ve met to my companions in this trip). – by Aeriel Guadalupe, incoming 4th year student

It was my first time to ride an airplane and travel especially to Baguio, 6 hours bus ride! We joined the camp course - Theater & Arts and we learned about self-confidence and how one must interact with other people.

We had time to roam around Baguio in the cold climate. I was so happy that I met a lot of people. I had a picture taken with the dancers of Sam Concepcion. That was so cool and amazing! I also met Raymon Sajor, a singer. During the seminar, I also learned how we could take care of our environment especially the trees around us. It was a great experience in my life. - by Kimberly Salario, incoming 3rd year student

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Winning Word: SOMNIFEROUS

When my lola approached me to join the contest of Brainsbee of Albee in District 3, I was a little bit shocked and nervous because I was thinking that I could not make it to the top, since this contest would be joined by all knowledgeable and selected students in our barangay. My family and friends pushed me to join the said contest so I filled up the application form. I asked Tita Des, an English teacher, to be my coach because we are just neighbors. She was very excited and we began immediately our exciting journey in studying the different words. We scheduled our lessons every night from Monday to Friday. If she could not meet me she just sends the words through her cell phone. I studied the words given to me religiously and I also did online spelling practices during my free time especially on Sundays. I won the contest in the barangay and town levels. I still continued in studying my dictionary and other related books and my online spelling practices. Then came April 15, 2009 the championship day of the contest by BBB foundation with a prize of P30, 000 pesos and a 4-year scholarship in any high school in Negros. I was more inspired to win to help my parents with my high school education. I always prayed to our Lord that He will guide and bless me to win the contest. I was very nervous during the division wide championship. I did not say it to my mother who accompanied me there and I just let her see that I am not nervous and I am confident that I will win the contest. I did not look at the crowd and I just focused on the quiz master and the way she uttered the words. There were three rounds with 10 words each: easy 2 points, average 3 points and difficult 5 points. I was worried only on the third round when my contender had 1 more point than my score. But I kept on praying hat God will enlighten me to write the correct spelling of the word SOMNIFEROUS. That word made me the CHAMPION of the Brainsbee of Albee in District 3. So I can say that read and read so you can lead and always pray to God and He will hear your prayers. – written by the champion himself, Ryan Jay Matulac

Ryan Matulac graduated Valedictorian in his class last April 1, 2009 in St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City Foundation, Inc. He has been a champion as well in our spelling quiz bees held in school for several years.

Kids in Action!

The SFAS Children's Drama Guild Summer Camp ended with a show last May 7, 2009. The kids presented especially to their parents the different exercises they have been doing during their camp. We can't thank enough the following who made this possible: Mrs. Lee Meily, Mr. Ernesto "Tito" Uichico III and friends (Cecile, Dolly, Nick, and others), Sir Mike and Ms. Ging Graham, "Direk" Jay Abello, the Tapulanga Foundation and of course, our facilitators, Ms. Rheasol Hiballes, Ms. Andy Molina and Sir Alf Alacapa! (You can see some video footage of the program by visiting the video gallery in