Thursday, July 30, 2009

Faculty Development: MAKABAYAN Seminar/Workshop

The Teacher Party List (Region 6) and Private Secondary School Administrators Association of the Philippines (PRISSAAP) of Region 6 conducted a Conference Workshop to Public/Private Elementary and Secondary School Teacher on Culture and Arts Education last July 29-31, 2009 at Jaro, Iloilo City.

The training workshop seminar aimed to disseminate and equip the educators of a more concrete base information on culture and arts. It was handled by the Bulwagang Filipino Theater Guild, Incorporated of Manila.

It was attended by Ms. Harlene May Figueroa, the Music, Arts and Physical Education teacher of SFAS.

I hope I can attend more seminars like this. It really enriched my teaching as a MAPE teacher.

PRISSAAP 7th Regional Youth Congress

"Let's Take Care of the Planet Earth" is the theme of the PRISSAAP (Private School Administrators Association of the Philippines) 7th Regional Youth Congress attended by Micho Santillan (4th year) and Stephanie Diaz (3rd year) last July 29-31, 2009 at Centennial Resort Hotel and Convention Center, Alta Tierra Village, Tabuc Suba, Jaro, Iloilo City.

The congress was a gathering of high school student-leaders from all over Region 6 with the purpose of uniting them, preparing them for life's challenges and molding them to be our future good citizens.

I liked the activities such as the debate session and contests on folk dance, OPM, general info, Science, Math and Hip Hop dance). by Stephanie Diaz, 3rd year, class president

Stylista and poster-making contest by group and talking about the inner environment were my best features in the seminar. by Micho Santillan, 4th year, Student Council president

DepEd Nutrition Month Culmination

The day of July 30, 2009 was the Culmination Day in celebrating the Nutrition Month in Silay City. It was an activity sponsored by the city goverment of Silay with participants from Kindergarten and Prep of 14 Preschools in the city.

SFAS preschoolers joined the parade, the group presentations and the Search for the A-1 Child. Dianne Marie Gabino and Matthew Lorenz Sellado represented SFAS in the Search.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Information and the Internet

Mrs. May Santillan attended a Regional Librarians Council sponsored Seminar-Workshop on the IFLA-FAIFE Internet Manifesto: Reinforcing Information Accessibility, Regulating For Maximum Effectivity and Safety at The University of St. La Salle, Bacolod City last June 28-29, 2009. Its main objective was to provide basic awareness of the present situation on how the internet greatly affects the learning habits and lifestyle of our country today.

SAC Leadership Training

The Student Association Council (SAC) Leadership Training was held last July 27, 2009 in the Edgardo Ledesma Hall, SFAS campus. It was facilitated by Mr. Mandy Alimon, faculty member of USLS - Bacolod City. The training helped the student-officers develop skills in being a good and effective leader.

I like the part where Sir Mandy told us the story about the Emmaus Walk and his explanation about being a leader. (Thea C. Tininahan, Grade 5)

The best feature for me was creating S.M.A.R.T. goals. (Stephanie Diaz, 3rd year)

I like the the leadership skills that Sir Mandy discussed especially the Emmaus Walk story. (Cyrene Marie Boiser, Grade 6)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Clubs for SY2009-2010

SFAS Chorale - Sir Leonard Guinabo, moderator
Homemakers' Club - Mrs. Emilie Sales Diaz
Arteh! (Art Club) - Sir Carlo Concha
Basketball Club - Sir Jr Abello
D Voices of God - Ms. Harlene Figueroa
Knights of the Altar - Sir Armando Gayatenia, Jr.
The Surfer's Club - Ms. Dina Almarquez
Theatre Ensemble - Mrs. Maryrose Amador
Young Explorers - Mrs. Josie Bactong
Young Scientists - Ms. Liza Acuesa
Dice and Blocks - Mrs. Lina Gabino
Kiddie Dice and Blocks - Ms. Melit Gustilo and Ms. Crisel Estardo

Life is A Gift From God!

The movie "HILOT," endorsed by the Department of Education, was watched by the 4th year students with Mrs. Lina Gabino, 4th year adviser of SFAS last July 24, 2009 at the Robinson's Movieworld. It is an anti-abortion film which is produced by Melissa Mendez.

It is the portrayal of one of the major problems in our society today, especially with our youth. Young women who are not prepared to take responsibility find abortion as a solution to the problem of pregnancy. The danger of this act, its sinfulness, and the consequences of abortion are shown in the movie and. The characters are made to realize that life is a gift from God and that there is also forgiveness and repentance that awaits to those who fall into this temptation.

I learned that getting married at a young age is not a good idea. (Ellen Sabare, student)

It's a good movie for all of the high school and college students because it gives us an idea about abortion and teaches us to have faith in GOD. (Mark Lester Rojo, student)

Abortion is not good. ( Venice Gumban, student)

The baby in the womb of the woman is a blessing given from God. (Stepahie Sabare, student)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It Can Wait: Yes to Life and No to Premarital Sex

"It Can Wait" is the theme of the Sex Education seminar held last July 23, 2009 in SFAS and attended by the third and fourth year students. The seminar is designed by Dr. Bien Eli Nillos, MD and 8 volunteer nurses from Candoni, Negros Occidental helped him facilitate the program.

Its aim is to promote sexual health, to provide accurate information about human sexuality, to provide an opportunity for value clarification, to provide skills to improve interpersonal relationships, and to assist in exercising responsibility in one's sexual life, including acquiring healthy behaviors and attitudes regarding sexual behavior. Here is the link to the seminar:

I learned how to control myself and that there is time for everything especially about sex. (Stephanie Diaz, 3rd year)

I realized that sex can wait, that it can be done at the right time. (Edcil Belgira, 3rd year)

I learned more about some of our private parts. I knew the advantage and disadvantage of sex. (Anton Oliver Gamboa, 4th year)

I learned new things about sex and that it should be done at the right time. (Mikhail Misha Cervantes, 4th year)

The Sex Education Seminar hopefully opened up the participants to the idea of talking about sex in a productive way, especially with their parents and hopefully encouraged them to think twice before engaging in premarital sexual relations. (Sir JR Abello, 3rd year adviser)

The door was opened for discussion on sex, at a proper forum with the knowledgeable people to answer the questions and the curiosity of the students. (Mrs. Emilie Sales Diaz, Guidance Councilor)

Friday, July 17, 2009

PCA / SAC Induction of Officers

Student Association Council Officers for SY 2009 - 2010

President: Micho Santillan (4th year)
Vice-President: Kimberly Salario (3rd year)
Secretary: Johanna Ganza (2nd Year)
Treasurer: Jessele Mahinay (1st Year)
P.I.O.: Jeremy Deogracias (4th Year)
Sgt. at Arms: Alvin Capablanca (3rd Year)
and Mark Pollen Parre┼łas (4th Year)

Parents Council Association Officers for School Year 2009-2010

President: Mr. Glenn Sola
Vice President: Valentin Reyes
Secretary: Mrs Annabelle Gamboa
Treasurer: Mrs. Henri Depasucat
P.I.O.: Mr. Ernesto Daanoy and Mr. Joel Ferreras
Bus. Manager: Mrs. Emily Lozada
Auditor: Mrs. Maritess Rotelo

Faculty/Staff Bible Sharing on Faith

What incident in your life did you experience that your faith was being tested?

The second bible sharing of SFAS happened last July 10, 2009. It was facilitated by Ms. Harlene Figueroa and Sir Leonard Guinabo. The topic was about "Faith," one of the basic principles/teachings of the church.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Career Orientation

One of the programs of the Guidance Center of SFAS for SY 2009 - 2010 is the Career Orientation for the Juniors and Seniors. A whole-year program of activities have been planned to help these students prepare for college and eventually their professional life that will help change not only their lives but that of society's.

Last July 10, 2009, two speakers were invited to share how they were able to go to college with very little financial capacity. They shared how they hurdled the many challenges that they had to face in order to get to college, stay in college and graduate in college! Ms. Leofil finished her Nursing in Riverside College with full scholarship and currently is taking up Masters in Nursing. Sir Arman graduated BS Secondary Education Major in English in Colegio San Agustin Bacolod.

And now, they are working professionals and have successful careers. Both were elementary graduates of SFAS: Ms. Leofil Gulmatico, a clinical instructor and nurse in Riverside College and Mr. Armando Gayatenia, JR., teacher and adviser of SFAS for the past six years (since he graduated in college).

Ms. Leofil also mentioned that "Nothing is free." A student may get a free tuition through scholarship but he/she needs to work for it and continue working for it to maintain it. She wanted to take up medicine and passed the screening in UP Los Banos but her parents pulled out because they could not afford board and lodging.

Sir Arman shared his sacrifices of earning even for his daily allowance to cover for his fare and school requirements. He also shared his graduation day meal was "Pinamalhan nga Asuos" (fish cooked in vinegar). A student asked him: "Did you not feel bad that you only had that when you got home?" Sir Arman humbly said "No, because that is what my parents could afford during that time and I never competed with other classmates in matters that were material."

I realized that choosing a career is not easy. (Michael Navigar, 3rd year)

I learned that in order to achieve the career I want, I should be able to get good grades and that I should choose a career that interests me. (Martha Quiamco, 3rd year)

The speakers inculcated in our minds that we, the youth, must strive harder to pursue our dreams by getting a college degree. (Juliza Rivera, 4th year)

I'm really inspired with what Ms. Leofil and Sir Arman told us. I realized that poverty is not a hindrance for success. (Fiona Hyacinth Mulle, 4th year)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nutrition Month: Feeding Program

One primary activity of July's celebration of Nutrition Month is the Feeding Program. This program hopes to remind the parents and children of proper and needed nourishment to students. Parents of each grade/year level cook for one day a meal such as sopas, bas-oy, arrozcaldo and tinolang manok.

Ang masasabi ko lang sang feeding, maayo gid kay nabusog gid ang kabataan sang amon nga gin luto nga Tinolang Manok, kag urot gid nila ang amon nga gin luto. (Mrs. Belgira, mother of Eda Belgira, Kinder)

Thank you sa pagkain. (Mae Tacuyan, Prep)

Salamat sa feeding, namit amon pagkaon. (Novie Jean Navarette, Prep)

I am so much grateful for this kind of program of the school because students are given a chance to have a free lunch. (Mrs. Denia Segaya, mother of Thalea Segaya, Grade 6)

I enjoyed a lot cooking with other parents. I am happy to serve the school because it is for my grandson's health. (Anita S. Bercasio, grandmother of Roberto Pagayon, 2nd year student)

It a good program of the school since it help students to be strong and have energy in class discussion. (Jophet Belgera, 4th year)