Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Students Take Time Off To Be "With God"

The Second Year class attended a recollection last September 29, 2009 at the Marian Missionaries of the Holy Cross in Silay City. It was a time for the students to reflect about their life and to remind them of the purpose of life with GOD.

I learned how to forgive. - Nikko Carlo Sobretodo

I experienced to cooperate with my group mates during group activities. - Claire Badian

I learned the importance of being honest. - Emmanuel Gayatenia

I learned the steps of confession. - Jessica Estardo

I learned how to give importance to everyone. - Thiryne Claire Mondragon

Friday, September 25, 2009

Talking Birds and Big Snakes

In celebrating the Math and Science month, the Young Explorers Club had their educational field trip in ECO-Garden last September 23, 2009 with their moderator, Ms. Josie Bactong (High School Science Teacher).

It was a field trip for the members to familiarize and see the actual life of different kinds of animals such as the crocodile, python, deer, lawin, monkey and others.

I liked to talk to the animals such as the bird that knew how to talk back. (Aron Suating, 4th year student)

I learned that animals has a significance in the environment. (Jonas Pactao, 4th year student)

I am happy that I attended this trip. (Marlon Riomalos, 2nd year student)

I had so much fun in our field trip especially when I saw the big snakes. (Jacques Blanco, 1st year)

"I learned that the peacock's eyes are color blue."

As the 3rd graders ended their Science lesson on Animals: Movements and Body Parts Used for Protection, their teacher, Ms. Liza Acuesa brought them to ECO-Garden and Negros Forest Foundation in Bacolod City last September 17, 2009.

I learned that the peacock's eyes are color blue. (Sheila Mae Filipinas)

I was happy to see the monkey dancing. (Kevin Lozada)

I'm so glad that I went on the field trip because I saw a crocodile, birds and a phyton. (Steve Rotelo)

"The Earth Is On Fire. Let's Water It."

In celebrating the Science and Math month, the Student Association Council (SAC) administered a symposium about Global Warming for the students of SFAS last September 23, 2009 at the Edgardo Ledesma Hall.

Its purpose was to disseminate information about Global Warming and teach the students how to be prepared in case of climate change and how to help our mother Earth that is already "on fire."

NOPSSCEA High School Cultural Eliminations

The NOPSSCEA High School Cultural Eliminations was held last Sept. 24, 2009 at the Riverside College in Bacolod City. SFAS thanks the following students who participated and gave their best performances.

"Son of a Hunchback"
by RJ Navigar (1st year), English Declamation contest

"Follow Your Dream"
by Lovelyn Villanueva (4th year), Vocal Solo contest

by Micho Santillan (4th year), Filipino Declamation contest
Micho wrote his piece as well.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Empowering the Youth Through Teamwork and Excellence

Sir Ariel Gabino, the Grade 6 adviser and Student Services Director, and Mrs. Emilie Sales Diaz, the guidance counselor, attended a seminar on club moderators last September 22, 2009 at Balay Kalinungan, Bacolod City. The theme was "Total Quality in Campus Advising: Empowering the Youth Through Teamwork and Excellence." One of the purpose of the seminar was for the participants to learn what it means to be an adviser and educational leader. It was facilitated by Professor Jose Renato Monalo, USLS Officer for Students Affairs.

I liked the whole seminar especially the challenge to make a difference. - Sir Ariel Gabino

The seminar I attended was informative and lively. - Mrs. Emilie Sales Diaz

Saturday, September 19, 2009

NOPSSCEA Elementary Cultural Eliminations

The NOPSSCEA Elementary Cultural Eliminations was held last Sept. 18, 2009 at the Riverside College in Bacolod City. SFAS thanks the following Grade 6 students who participated and gave their best performances.

"Si Jonas"
by Kyle Barnuevo, Filipino Declamation contest

"Kung Kaya Ko, Kaya Mo Rin"
by Gleeanne Sola, Vocal Solo contest

"To Love You More"
by Rodelmar Coja, Intermission Song number

Math and Science Month Exhibit

In celebrating the Math and Science Month this September, SFAS students, with the help of their teachers, held their first ever exhibit last September 14 - 18, 2009 in the Science laboratory. The exhibit showcased different projects made by the students in their Math and Science classes.

Its purpose was to provide information to the students different Math and Science concepts such as how to preserve animals and how to make a simple and parallel circuit. The exhibit also displayed different supplies and equipment inside the laboratory. Learning about scientists that contributed in the field of Science and Math was shown as well.

Growing in the Spirit of Love

How can we show our love to others?

In line with the teachers' and staffs' spiritual growth, the monthly Bible Sharing was held last September 18, 2009 which was facilitated by Ms. Rose Iglesia and Ms. Elena Coja. Everyone shared experiences about how to show LOVE, the most important virtue in being a Christian.

The First School to Visit USLS for a Career Orientation

Last September 14, 2009, the Seniors of SFAS visited the University of St. La Salle-Bacolod City. The morning started with a campus tour of facilities and three colleges were visited, namely College of Education, College of Engineering and College of Culinary Arts. The kitchen and all the facilities of the College of Culinary Arts was quite impressive. We witnessed the hands-on preparation of making roasted chicken and home made pasta. It was mouth watering and the aroma of the spices and other ingredients made us hungry so we took a break to have our snacks.

The lively lecture by Mrs. Socorro Lagao, head of the Scholarship Department, on the courses offered at USLS limited to the majority choice of the students. Her talk about the available scholarship offers and how to qualify was very informative and fun and we almost lost tract of time.

We were the first school to visit USLS for a Career Orientation this school year. - by Mrs. Emilie Sales Diaz, Guidance Counselor

It Is In Giving That We Receive!

The CLE (Christian Living Experience or Religion) class of the 3rd year organized an outreach activity in line with their lesson on the virtue of Charity. The class was divided into 5 groups; each group will invite one family; each group had to raise funds by selling foods; and the money each group raised would benefit the less-fortunate families in the community. On September 16, 2009, not only were the invited families happy and felt blessed, the Juniors themselves felt blessed and happy! The Franciscan and Christian spirit was lived: It is in giving that we receive!

I learned that sacrifices made are really worth it when you see glowing and smiling faces of people you've helped. It feels good! (Stephanie Diaz)

I learned that every sacrifice you make, there is someone who benefits from it. It's very heartwarming and even when our help is only small, they appreciated it so much. (
Christyvette Acuesa)

It was a nice experience to help others. I also learned that it's better to give than to receive. I am so happy of what I've done and I hope that the person we helped is very happy, too.
(Jayson Antolo)

What we did was to help our fellow poor people in our community. It was a good deed - helping the poor. I am happy because we helped them without spending our parent's money, but we found others ways to help them. It was a great experience and it touched me a lot.
(Lloyd Navarette)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Food for the Soul

A teacher is someone who educates a student. A teacher has to prepare a lesson plan to facilitate students in learning.

A good and effective teacher does not only give time to learning more about his/her subject area, but gives ample time as well in strengthening one's spirituality.

The SFAS teachers and staff attended a Faculty Development on spirituality last September 17, 2009 which was facilitated by Bro. Arrianne Lopez, FSC. The teaching was about the La Sallian Spirituality with integration to one's profession, family and individual life.

I learned that it is important to have faith in God no matter how difficult life is. (Ms. Marechris Lautrezo)

Brother Arriane reminded us of the beauty of being a teacher. (Ms. Melit Gustilo)

Learning Outside the Classroom

Last August 24, 2009, the Prep class visited the following places: a beauty parlor or salon, a barber shop and the fire department in Silay City. The objective was to familiarize the students with some important places in a community. Not only was this a break from their daily routine, but the kids had so much fun learning together.

Kanami sang among lakat. (Alliah Maglantay)

Kasadya. (Kate Berte)

Naka-identify na ko kung ano ang beauty parlor, barbershop kag fire department. (Angelica Loreto)


In relation to my Reading lesson, “The Nature’s Revenge”, the Grade 6 class went to Barangay Balaring, Silay City last September 16, 2009 to show them some fishes, fishing tools and nets, fish corrals and pump boats. Through the speaker, Mr. Rolando Javellana, they were given some information about how the people in Barangay Balaring earned their living through fishing. (by Ms. Lina Gabino, teacher)

SFAS Search-In Circle 6

Last September 11 - 13, 2009, SFAS held the Search-In retreat to 18 3rd year students. A special thanks to the following who helped in making the retreat possible thru their financial assistance and prayers: Sandy Gonzales-Lopez, Jing Miraflores-Adriatico, Tashie Fuentebella-Sales and Rhea Depasucat-Agustin (all are SSA Search-Inners) and Tito Uichico (La Salle Greenhills Search-Inner).

I learned a lot about trusting our facilitators and about forgiveness. This retreat was a big deal for me. It encouraged me to go on with my life and molded me on how to be a good Christian. I say "YES to LIFE!" (Kimberly Salario, Big Sister of Circle 6)

I didn't expect to cry but i cried. (Juan Miguel Gamboa)

I learned to be open to my friends, classmates and parents if I have a problem. I learned to forgive and understand my mother and my younger brother. (Alvin Capablanca)

I learned that life is a colorful painting that attracts others. Through this, I respect now my parents and elders. I also realized all my bad doings. (Chrystivette Acuesa)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Grade School Sportsfest 2009

The Grade School Sports Fest 2009 opened last September 11, 2009 with a cheer dance competition between 4 team colors. The YELLOW TEAM won first place! Other events being played in this fest are track and field, soccer, basketball, chess and table tennis.

Career Orientation Talks with the Juniors and Seniors

"Knowing my capacity, interest and having the proper attitude helped me decide my current chosen career” Ms. Maricel Novales shared. She was the class valedictorian when she graduated grade 6 in St. Francis of Assisi School in 1995.

Last September 11, 2009, with the Juniors and Seniors as her audience, she shared the requirements and tips in deciding a career path. Through the help of the SIMAG Foundation Scholarship Program, she was granted a High School and College Scholarship for her tuition. Her parents were farm workers of Hda. Lonoy and through the help of Sir Mike and Ms. Ging Graham, she was provided the daily allowance for her transportation expenses and other school requirements.

Her love for Math gave way to her decision to take up Management Accounting at the University of St. La Salle-Bacolod City. She is currently working as Loan Officer at Pag-Ibig Fund and plans to take up Masteral Degree to enhance her currents skills.

“I was an ordinary regular student whose life was greatly influenced by peer group” Ms. Lina Gabino started her sharing.

As the second resource person shared her pains, frustration, merits and fulfillment in the field that she is now in, Ms. Lina was undecided on what course to take in college. Nursing was the choice of majority of her peers but because of fear of blood, her parents (both teachers) influenced her to take up Education. Reflective of her disinterest, her grades in her 3rd and 4th year college was enough proof. It took her several unfulfilled years and jobs to realized that teaching was what she loved to do. Her substitution work as teacher in USLS-IS Bacolod City while pursuing additional years for the Elementary Education units gave her so much satisfaction and enjoyment. Currently, Ms. Lina Gabino is the 4th year adviser and English teacher at St. Francis of Assisi School and she has been teaching in SFAS for the past 8 years.

Faculty Development on Making Test Questions

The SFAS faculty spent the afternoon of September 11, 2009 brushing up on making test questions using multiple choice type of test. Held at the Faculty house, it was facilitated by Sir JR Abello, Vice-President for Academics.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Applying the Lesson on the Virtue of Charity

The CLE (Christian Living Experience or Religion) class of the 4th year organized an outreach activity in line with their lesson on the virtue of Charity. The class was divided into groups; each group had to raise funds; and the money each group raised would benefit the less-fortunate families in the community. Each group sold different snack food and drinks during recess, lunch and dismissal time for two weeks. Proceeds from the selling were used to buy rice and groceries for the families who were chosen as beneficiaries. On September 10, 2009, not only were the invited families happy and felt blessed, the Seniors themselves felt blessed and happy! The Franciscan and Christian spirit was lived: It is in giving that we receive!

I felt glad because the great effort I did made others happy. (Stephanie Sabare)

I felt happy and proud about the activity. (Venice Gumban)

I was so happy that I was able to help others. (Aeriel Guadalupe)

All those sacrifices we had done in the past two weeks in selling made the less fortunate people happy. (Micho Santillan)

I can say that sacrifices make others happy. (Mark Pollen Parrenas)

Investiture of the Knights of the Altar

The investiture of the Knights of the Altar was held last September 8, 2009 in Our Lady of the Nativity Chapel, Hacienda Tinihaban I, E.B. Magalona. It was the formal installation of these young servants of God as acolytes. They were Kyle Euriko Barnuevo, Rodelmar Coja and Mike Andrew Jardinico (Grade 6 pupils) and Paul Joseph Gamboa and Christian Alvarez (Grade 4 pupils).

Friday, September 4, 2009

30 Stars = Free Day!

Last September 4, 2009, we had our Free Design Day* at Sunburst Bay Resort, Silay City. The purpose of the entire day was for our class, together with our adviser, Ms. Lina Gabino, to have fun, unite even more and do things that are not in the classroom, hence, "free from worries!" We played games such as "Give Me What I Want," "Stick With Me," "Marshmallow Eating Contest," and "Amazing Race." We each had the chance to join the games; we each had the chance to laugh, yell, run, cheer and jump! I am sure all of us enjoyed the day so much! Till the next Free Design Day ... (Micho Santillan)

* A Free Design Day is given to the class that reaches 30 stars. Each star is one school day of PERFECT attendance in class, no lates, no student visited the clinic, no student was sent to the Guidance, library or Principal.

Our free day was fun because I won second prize in our game, Amazing Race. (Lester Rojo)

I felt happy because we spent our time enjoying and bonding with each other. (Lovelyn Villanueva)

The games were challenging. I enjoyed swimming in the pool. (Rogelyn Mueden)

I was very happy because it's our first time to have free day since last year. (Shera Andrada)

At last we had our free day. It was fun! (Ednil Guerero)

I was very happy especially when we played the Amazing Race. (Francis Mae Buyco)

The Young Scientist Explorers See Real Animals

In celebrating the Math and Science Month, the Young Scientist Explorers had their field trip last September 4, 2009 in ECO-GARDEN, Bacolod City with their club moderator, Ms. Liza Acuesa. The objective of the trip for the members to gain information about some of our endangered species and some of the endemic animals.

It was my first time to see an actual animal such as the eagle and snake. (CJ Bactong, Grade 4)