Friday, August 17, 2012

Enhancing Teaching Efforts

Less is more.  This was the overall message of the Faculty Development last August 8, 2012, given to the Faculty and Staff of SFAS. The theme was bringing multimedia resources into the classroom through the utilization of Microsoft PowerPoint.

The ability to deliver information through the quickest and easiest way has always been a thrust in Franciscan education.  An experienced teacher and the school’s Vice Principal, Sir JR Abello facilitated the Faculty Development and brought up golden rules in simplifying lessons with just “a click of a button.”

“The information given was very substantial.  Using it will really make one’s lesson more interesting and enjoyable.” by Ms. Leda Ibugan, Elementary English teacher  
“It is a helpful tool for teachers to arouse the interest and attention of students through a technology-based discussion.” by Ms. Dens Da-anoy, Preschool teacher 
“This makes it easier for students to understand especially those who are more interested in pictures.” by Ms. Maricel Navigar, Preschool-in-charge

“I really had a hard time making a PowerPoint presentation in our group activity, but it was all worth it!” by Sir Joevani, Elementary Filipino teacher 

Selected grade 9 students showcased their own PowerPoint presentation from their World History class.

**Note:  The school owns one lcd projector and wishes to have more as teachers and students are highly encouraged to use this very powerful tool in teaching and learning.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Initiation Week and Freshmen Night 2012

Initiation Week and Freshmen Night were held to develop friendship and bonding, and creativity and confidence among the Freshmen students, last June 25-29, 2012.
The event highlighted the Talent Presentations of the students during their Freshmen Night. The Initiation week showcased many activities like the pairing of a Senior student (Grade 10) to a Freshman (Grade 7) and the wearing of specified custom-made costumes of the Freshmen per day, both of which are to fulfil the aims of the event.

The Initiation Week and Freshmen Night were organized by the Student Council who also managed to get the movie room free for all the students during the Initiation Week.

“The preparations were actually made two weeks before the Initiation Week and Freshmen Night. We also requested policemen and tanods to keep the place safe for everybody,” says Kyle Dominic Barnuevo, Student Council President.

“It was really fun,” says Oliver, Freshman, when asked for a feedback on the event.