Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Teachers Became Students

A very big THANK YOU to the Engineering Department of the USLS-Bacolod City, who, as part of their outreach program, gave a basic computer training workshop/seminar to 18 faculty and staff of SFAS last Sept. 16, 2008 at the Engineering Building, University of St. La Salle-Bacolod City.

I learned how to insert columns, tables, shapes, clip arts and and boarding. - Ms. Lina Gabiño, English High School teacher

I learned how to open tool bars and insert additional columns.
- Ms. Mary Jane Navigar, Kindergarten teacher

I learned how to compute grades using formulas in Excel.
- Sir Ariel Gabiño, Filipino High School teacher

I learned how to format and use the shortcut method.
- Ms. Leda Ibugan, Language and Reading Elementary teacher

I learned how to use the shortcut method in saving files, going to another file, copying files, etc.
- Ms Rose Iglesia, Math Elementary teacher

Sunday, September 7, 2008

5th PRISSAAP Region 6 Youth Congress

On the 24th until 26th day of July 2008, Lovelyn Villanueva, a 3rd year student and Vice-President of the Student Affairs Council, and I attended the 5th PRISSAAP Region 6 Youth Congress held at Sarabia Manor Hotel, Iloilo City. We were so honored to be representing our school and overwhelmed to be part of the congress. That was our first-ever experience to attend such a prestigious event and it was a very worthwhile experience. by Romnick Sadio, 4th year student and President of the Student Affairs Council

MulAPO sa Puso Namin

We shouted! We sang! We laughed! And we grooved! That was how the 8,000 audience together with 32 SFAS students and teachers inside the USLS Coliseum reacted to the very entertaining APO Hiking Society's concert entitled "Mula Po Sa Puso" last September 5, 2008. We had so much fun that even if you were blind, you could see that the people enjoyed because of their continuous laughter. But the sad thing was, we got stomach ache and some of us shed tears because we laughed too hard! Ha! Ha! Ha! The APO Hiking Society sang their songs like Panalangin, Nakapagtataka, Ewan, Awit Ng Barkada, Do Bi Do Bi Do, and many more. They never ran out of jokes and ways to make us laugh. Now and then, all you could say was, "WHOA!" and " "WHAHAHA!" It was another entertaining and unforgettable experience for those of us scholars who were blessed to have been given this opportunity to watch the concert. - Micho Santillan, 3rd year

"Nag-enjoy gid kami! Their voices are good to hear!" - Elma Acuesa and Romnick Sadio, 4th year

" I like the way they entertain people." - Lovelyn Villanueva, 3rd year

"Spectacular performance!" - Sir Ariel Gabiño, teacher

"Zestful... the show was very entertaining! APO Hiking Society- Walang Kapantay!" - Jeremy Deogracias, 3rd year

"It was very entertaining and lots of fun." - Raquel Medina, 4th year

Knowing More About God

The 5th graders spent a day of recollection at Balay Kalinungan, USLS-Bacolod City last August 19, 2008.

After our recollection, I learned how to know, love and serve people because we are the light of the world. We should take good care of our environment. We should thank God for the blessings and we should respect people around us. I learned how to be helpful and how to be with God and to love the creation of God. We should be contented of what God has given to us.
- Cyrene Marie Boiser

The recollection made me realize my mistakes. I learned to be honest, to be faithful to God, to be patient and to be a kind person. I also learned that we should put down our pride and to respect everyone as a person. - Kyle Dominic Barnuevo

SFAS Recycles!

SFAS continues the Recycling Drive program started last school year. Each student is encouraged to bring recycled items like plastic and glass bottles/containers, tin cans and boxes/paper to school. The school in turn sells these items to a junk shop on a monthly basis. The sales becomes a class fund. Incentives are given to the students as well to encourage them to be more "environment-friendly." For the first quarter, the Grade 6 class not only got the highest sales but they also reached the target of Php1,500.00 worth of recycling so they got a free day! The 3rd year class got a free half-day because they also reached the target sales for the quarter.

What is Cheating?

SFAS just finished with the 1st quarter examinations last month. When students were asked what cheating is to them, this is what they answered:

Cheating is a form of wrong doing.
- Mild Janine Delegero - 4th year

Cheating is a crime.
- Eubie Aluad – 1st year

Cheating is dishonesty.
- Philip Paul Deogracias – 2nd year

Cheating is lying.
Ralph Parreño – 3rd year

Cheating is a form of dishonesty to gain advantage.
Ryan Matulac – Grade 6

Cheating is talking to yourself.
Eden Pallorina – Grade 5

Cheating is looking at other’s paper.
John Rey Villarosa – Grade 4

Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Shirts for 12 Lucky Girls

Ella Mae, Jamia, Ana Rose, Alondra, Shane, Diza, Eden, Thalea, Josie, Christy, Jeselle and Emily were given "cute" girl's tshirts by Mrs. Jana Koffman of Los Angeles. Mrs. Koffman's bestfriend in LA design the shirts and sell them at Fred Segal for $20 - $30 each. Mrs. Koffman is the donor of one of the girls to SFAS as well. THANK YOU MRS. KOFFMAN!