Friday, March 26, 2010

Congratulations to the SFAS Archery Team

The SFAS Archery team just returned home from the recently concluded Western Visayas Regional Athletic Meet held in Aklan. It was a week long competition and our archers came home triumphant. Our very own Stephanie Diaz – a 3rd year student won the overall Gold medal in the girls division, and Edwin Antolo – a 4th year student won the overall silver medal in the boys division. Although Micho Santillan and Lovelyn Villanueva didn’t win any individual medals, but they played their hearts out despite all the odds and kept the team in second place. Both Stephanie and Edwin will be going to the Palarong Pambansa (National Games) this coming April 11 – 20, 2010 to represent the Western Visayas region. They will be leaving on the 4th of April. We wish them the best of luck. Hope they can continue the legacy of Raquel Medina, our Palarong Pambansa Bronze medalist last year.

“The only easy day was yesterday!”

-SFAS Archery Team motto-

Thursday, March 25, 2010

S-Leadership: The Potter's Way

The NOPSSCEA Task Force conducted a two-day S-Leadership Seminar last March 22 - 23, 2010 at the Riverside College Audio-Visual Room 3, Bacolod City with Selene Yu of the Potter's Leadership Academy in Manila as the resource person.

The training was designed to refresh and enrich educators and administrative staff through a series of lectures, self-assessment activities and group dynamics. Mrs. Elena Coja, Mrs. Leda Ibugan, Mrs. Rose Iglesia (teachers) and Mrs. May Santillan (librarian) of SFAS attended the seminar.

"You can't become the leader God designed you to be unless you allow God to be involved in your life." (Ms. May Santillan, School Librarian)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Lesson on Love

It was Friday, March 12, 2010 around 1:40 in the afternoon when all teachers and staff of SFAS went to Robinson's Mall, Bacolod City to relax and be inspired by watching the movie "I Miss You Like Crazy," a post Valentine movie, starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo.

"It was a great bonding moment with my colleagues." (Ms. Liza Acuesa)

"I enjoyed eating at Jolibee after the movie with my co-teachers." (Ms. Harlene Figueroa)

"I loved going out with my friends ... I really appreciate going together with them especially in the movies ... I felt like I'm a teenager again". (Ms. Marissa Guadalupe, School Nurse)

"Love is not bounded by time." (Sir Armando Gayatenia, Jr.)

"Love can wait ... God will give us the right person at the right time." (Sir Leonard Guinabo)

A Lenten Reflection

In line with the teachers' and staffs' spiritual growth, the last Bible Sharing for the school year was held on March 19, 2010 and was facilitated by Ms. Crisel Estardo and Mrs. Resusa Berte.
Everyone reflected on the Stations of the Cross and shared experiences related to each station.

2010 SAC Officers

SFAS provide students opportunities to demonstrate their talents, skills and interest in leadership both in and beyond the classroom.

The Student Affair Council (SAC) of St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City had there Election Campaign last March 15 - 16, 2010 for the new officers for S.Y. 2010 - 2011. The election was held last March 19, 2010.

The SAC Officers for S.Y. 2010-2011

President: Kimberly Salario
Vice President: Johannah Ganza
Secretary: Angelica Isugon
Treasurer: Kyle Barnuevo
P.I.O.: Leny Grace Vivero
Sgt. at Arms: Bettina Yssabelle Suanque and Alvin Capablanca

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Scholar's Thank You Letter to Her Sponsor/Donor

One more week to go and school year 2009-2010 will be over. Graduation of 36 Grade 6 students and 35 4th year students will be on March 27, 2010. Of the 71 graduates, 30 of them are scholars of the Tapulanga Foundation and are very grateful for the opportunity given to them by their sponsors to finish in St. Francis of Assisi School.

March 19, 2010
Good day!

Our graduation is only a week away. I am so excited to receive the diploma I deserve and go through college life. I wonder if it would be more enjoyable than my experiences in high school? But I know, whatever the outcome, it still depends on the choices I will make.

This last quarter was the busiest one we’ve ever had. We got all “wrapped up” with our projects. Among these is the Investigatory Study (Physics), Project Proposal for the School (Economics), and the “Play fest“(English and El Filibusterismo). We were so glad that the exams were held earlier because all we wanted after months of doing schoolwork is to relax ourselves from exhaustion.

Also, since lessons in school started, our class has been working so hard to save money for our educational trip in Dumaguete. It’s nice that the school approved our selling of foods during recess and lunch time. It became easier for us to accumulate the amount of money we need to attain.

For the whole week since March 15, all we did was practice and practice and practice all morning for our graduation while in the afternoon, we taught the Prep class for their tribute to their parents which will be held next Friday. Practicing was fun especially because we were combined with the Grade 6 class but I think teaching the little kids is more satisfying. We are learning so much from these children, even if we’re ten years older than them.

My last year at St. Francis of Assisi School is about to end. I feel blissful because I have successfully fulfilled my responsibilities as a high school student. I am also grateful for the financial support you gave me. I pray that you may continue to help other students who cannot afford to go to a private school due to financial reasons. Through your works, you are inspiring young people like me to reach out to those who need our help-even in simple ways. Thank you very much!!!

I also pray that God may guide and keep you protected always.

With love,
Jeremy Deogracias

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Students Explain What Economic System The Philippines Should Have

Senior students were asked to answer this question in their Economics class: What economic system should be enforced in the Philippines?

It is really a tough question because you really need to think and weigh things to find out what economics system should be enforced here! In the first place, Filipinos are free people so it means that command economy is not suited for us. Another reason is that most of our government officials are corrupt. Instead of making our country progress, they will just fill their pockets with gold and us, we will starve to death. But because of being free, we sometimes lose control of ourselves and it only makes obvious that we still need someone to pull and stop us on stepping/ taking advantage on other people. Because of greed, some businessmen make the prices of some coops higher if they are mostly bought by the people. In that case we simply need some government intervention for the good of everybody. With those explanations, mixed economy is the economic system that is suited and should be enforced in the Philippines. But, our problem is the people, not the population but our attitude of being selfish, lazy and dependent. If the people will just elect honest politicians and if only the people will just care for one another and will just work hardly as if they are on the edge of survival, any economic system will suit us and we will attain what we call progress. (by Micho Santillan)

I do not prefer capitalism to be enforced in the Philippines because it would only make little people more little. Unlike in the United States, a whole lot of children have the capability to go to school than here in the Philippines that is why Capitalism fits their country. Here in ours, only some could afford to go to school and only a few are able to go to college. If that’s the case and capitalism is implied in the country there would only be few who could establish their business. People who had not gone to college could also go for a business but would they able to compete against those who have more knowledge than them? Filipino people are so hard to predict so I would prefer Mixed Economy to be enforced in the Philippines. If Command Economy would be implemented, the Filipinos would only rebel against the government. What happened during Marcos’ regime is a proof to this. And one more thing; we don’t need to change the type of economy we have. We only need to have good leaders in our government that would help participate with businessmen and whose priority is the welfare of the Filipinos, not their personal interest as individuals. We have a great economy- it’s only this that we need!!! (Jeremy Deogracias)

For me, mixed economy dahil may karapatan ang bawat tao na kumitang malaking pera sa kanilang sariling negosyo. Gusto ko ito ipamalakad sa ating bansa dahil maraming tao ang kumikita ng malaking pera hindi lamang para sa kanilang pamilya. Makakatulong ito ng malaki sa ating bansa para umunlad at maraming matulungan. Gusto ko ito ang maging economia ng bansa dahil kung command economy ang ipamamalakad ang lahat g tao hindi kikita ng malaking pera para sa kanilang pamilya. Hindi rin sila makakagawa ng gusto nila dahil nagdidipendi sila ng kanilang gagawin sa gobyerno. Kaya nga maraming negosyante na mayayaman dahil palagi sila nakadependi sa gobyerno at nagpasip-sip. Sa lahat ng mga economia ito ang napili ko dahil nasanay na tayo sa ating economia dito at nakakatulong ito ng malaki sa ating bansa. Marami din ang umuunlad na mga makakabayan natin dahil makakatulong ito ng malaki. (Loraine Guilaran)

In my own opinion, I choose Traditional or Subsistence economy. I choose this because I believe that the people of the Philippines should learn how to be independent on their selves and to be contented on what they have. Every one of us thought of everything just to lift up our lives to the fullest. So, we tried everything just to accomplish our goals and never think of those people who are left behind. In traditional, I believe that everyone would be equal. Equal? Others might think that it has negative effects but still I believe on its positive side. Others might also think that if we start all over again where every body is equal, “amu man gyapon” because “ang goal sang mga tawo” is on how to get a good profit. Try to think of it, “ di bala, ang mga tawo gapalamang para lang may ganar.” And in that way people learned how to be selfish where “masters and slaves” and “rich and poor” was introduced. My point is, it would be so great that we are not thinking on how to elevate ourselves but on how to survive that equality will prevail not discrimination “ kag para mabuhinan ang mga tikalon sa kalibutan!” And that’s why I choose Traditional or Subsistence economy. (Aeriel Guadalupe)

The New 2010 Secondary Education Curriculum

Last February 8-10, 2010, Sir JR Abello attended the National Conference on the New 2010 Secondary Education Curriculum at Waterfront Hotel in Cebu City. The conference was sponsored by the Department of Education and the Fund for Assistance for Private Education (FAPE). It focused on introducing "Understanding by Design" (UbD) and the "Differentiated Instructions" (DI) to school heads from Visayas and Mindanao.

Club Meeting for the month of February 2010

Another fun-filled hour for the students as they had their Club meeting for the month.

Young Explorer Club - Members drew some laboratory apparatus for display.
Surfer Club - Members deleted old files, set Google as home page
and surfed around the internet.
D' Voice of God Club - Members planned for the upcoming recollection.
Kiddie Dice and Blocks - Members played board games like snake and ladders, scrabble and etc.
Arteh Club - Members did "Letter Camouflage."
Knights of the Altar - Members did library research about the Mass.
Young Scientists Club - Members painted the Science Laboratory bulletin board.
Basketball Club - Members played basketball.
Homemakers Club - Members learned to make tuna sandwich for snacks.
Dice and Blocks Club - Members played "Word Factory" and other board games.
Theatro Ensemble - Members did exercises like scoring the music and tension.
Chorale - Members practiced for the mass and met on upcoming activities.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Filipino Playfest 2010

The Filipino Playfest last March 5, 2010 was the last activity presented by the High School Department from 1st year to 4th year classes. It was very entertaining because everything was prepared from the stage background, costumes of the characters and props.

The first year class was the most adorable play because of their props and costumes. They presented the story “Ibong Adarna” really well.

The second year was the most romantic play because they presented to us how Laura showed her great love for Florante in the story "Florante at Laura."

The last presenters were the third and fourth year students who dramatized the famous novels of our national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal entitled “Noli Me Tangere" and "El Filibusterismo."

Faculty Development on UbD and DI

Every month, SFAS teachers always have a faculty development for them to enhance and improve their teaching skills. The last for the school year was held on February 23, 2010 in SFAS school and was facilitated by Sir JR Abello. He introduced to the faculty the difference between Understanding by Design(UbD) and the Differentiated Instruction (DI). He echoed what he learned during the 3-day seminar he attended in Cebu two weeks earlier.

"I learned about reading skills that need to be taught." (Mrs. Leda Ibugan)

"I learned how to make a lesson plan using UbD and DI." (Sir Ariel Gabino)

"I learned about DI - Differentiated instruction - where teachers give the slow learners in class a chance to participate actively in their own capacity." (Ms. Melit Gustilo)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top Five AVR Users

Congratulations to the top five subject teachers who gave the most number of film showing in class from November 2009 to March 2010. Sir JR Abello topped the list by showing 22 films during his Social Studies classes from 2nd to 4th year. Ms. Liza Acuesa and Mrs. Josie Bactong came in 2nd and 3rd, respectively, as they did film showing in their Science classes. Sir Ariel Gabino and Sir Carlo Concha also won for using film showing in their Social Studies classes. As winners, they were given a free Robinson's Movie World ticket or pass.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Preparing for the 2010 English Curriculum

UBD in ELT: Preparing for the 2010 English Curriculum was the workshop was attended by Mrs. Lina Gabino (high school English teacher) in Mayfair Plaza, Bacolod City last February 6, 2010. It was sponsored by Trailblazer Publications. It was a workshop that taught the participants how to make the English subject an interesting class to teach to the students.

"The seminar taught me new and creative ways of teaching literature."