Friday, March 22, 2013

Young Scientists in the Making (Part 2)

It was the turn of the 9th graders to present their investigatory projects in Science last March 12 - 13, 2013.

Project Name:  X-Roach
Objective:  To make a simple cockroach spray killer out of substances that can easily be found at home, e.g. baking soda and water
Conclusion:   A Success (although it takes time before the cockroaches "die!")

 Project Name:  Water Filter
Objective:  To purify water using materials found at home, e.g. sand, stones and charcoal
Conclusion:  A Success!

 Project Name:  Maluco Oil
Objective:  To produce a facial remedy to remove pimples, scars, blackheads and dry skin
by using coconut oil and malunggay
Conclusion:   Inconclusive as group failed to do tests properly/correctly

 Project Name:  Cool Roof
Objective:  To prove that putting water or plants on the roof will lower temperature of a house
Conclusion:  Inconclusive as the group failed to do tests properly/correctly

Project Name:  What the Fog
Objective:  To make an affordable fog maker that can be used in school plays
Conclusion:  A Success!

Project Name:  Dys-Med
Objective:  To make an affordable and "healthy" medicine for menstrual cramps thru ginger tea
Conclusion:  Inconclusive as group failed to do tests properly/correctly

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Young Scientists in the Making (Part 1)

Last February 26 and 27, 2013, the Seniors had to present and defend their investigatory projects to a panel.  Their curious minds were put to a test and using the steps in Scientific method, the students were able to come up with very interesting projects.  These projects are not their own invention.  The students were just asked to investigate an existing invention already and prove if the invention works or not.  

Project Name:  Oh My Gas:  "Yellow Bell Seeds"
Objective:  To determine the possibility of using yellow bell seeds crude extract as fuel in small lamps
Conclusion:  A Success! 

 Project Name:  Improvised Buzzer
Objective:  To make a buzzer (that lights up) to be used during school contests so that the students can participate better
Conclusion:  A Success!

 Project Name:   Paracheirodon Innesi De Crystales
Objective:  To make a "look-alike" crystal using tawas and salt
Conclusion:  Using salt was unsuccessful; tawas was a success!

 Project Name:  The Voltaic Battery
Objective:  To prove that lemon can work as a battery for a calculator
Conclusion:  A Success!

 Project Name:  Stick to One
Objective:  To make a simple glue using natural ingredients that can be found at home like vinegar and flour
Conclusion:  A Success!

Project Name:  Liquid Tower
Objective:  To make a visual aid that can be used in teaching the lesson on Density to make the Physics class more exciting and learning is more effective
Conclusion:  A Success!