Friday, August 26, 2016

SFAS and IKAW-AKO Japan-Negros Partnership for Environmental Protection Foundation, Inc. on an Environmental Exposure Adventure

Last July 20, St. Francis of Assis School of Silay City were visited by Japanese students who were sent by the AKO-IKAW Japan-Negros Partnership for Environmental Protection Foundation, Inc. for a 4-day outreach program.  There were eight of them, namely, Miyabi Shibata, Mari Seino, Miai Koyam, Minami Takeguchi, Ayumi Nishigawa, Hinako Yoshida, and their teachers, Sensei Taro and Sensei Makoto Hada.  Their visit was coordinated by SFAS alumna, Jessa Jane Carumba,  who works at the said foundation as a Training Center Manager. 

The purpose of their trip was for environmental exposure. The Grade 10 students accompanied them to do Mangrove planting at Sitio Dapdap, Barangay Lantad in Silay and they also went to the Carbin Reef of Sagay City.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Grade 5 Recollection

Last July 14, the Grade 5 students of St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City had their one-day recollection with Fr. Salvador Barcelona at the Sacred Heart Seminary in Bacolod City. 

I loved the activity when we looked for a thing to represent my identity.  I picked a dried flower because sometimes I feel sad because I miss my father.  by Donna Grace Duremdes

And I learned how to respect God by praying.  by Nicole Educado

I loved it when we drew God, on how we see God.  I drew trees and a church because that is how I see God. He made beautiful creations and He drew us near to Him by going to church.  by Allysandra Kirstel Guillarda

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Staff Development: Basic Life Support Training and Seminar

St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City nurse, Ms. Marissa Guadalupe, and teacher (nurse by profession), Ms. Shiela Aspa, attended  a Basic Life Support Training and Seminar held at the University of St. La Salle by the CPRVerify last July 14. 

Ms. Shiela Aspa performing the CPR
It was an afternoon lecture and application class open to all but participated mostly by several healthcare providers such as school nurse, clinical instructors and ordinary citizens who wished to know the basics in reviving life.  An actual application of the lecture was performed like CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

Ms. Marissa Guadalupe receiving a Certificate of Completion.

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

SFAS SAC and Classroom Officers' Team Building 2016

Winston Churchill. Mother Teresa. Margaret Thatcher. Steve Jobs. Mahatma Gandhi.  What did all of them have in common? 

They were great leaders in their own fields as not only did they inspire many people to forge ahead during troubled times, they also left a lasting legacy.  The great work they accomplished will be admired and evaluated for generations to come.   It is the 21st century now and as they were great in their times, in this modern world today, we will be achieving greatness, too. 

"With great powers come great responsibilities." This is a famous line from the movie, Spiderman. Well these 21 young and daring leaders proved that this quote is true.  Fourteen of them were elected class president and vice-president of their respective grade level:

Grade 7A: Dianne Gabiño, President and Annika Intal, Vice-President
Grade 7B: Gwen Limuel Sipe, President and Johndirk Navarro, Vice-President
Grade 8A: Danielle Tarrosa, President and Jennie Baluarte, Vice-President
Grade 8B: Cricel Anne Abata, President and Hans Christian Canasa, Vice-President
Grade 9A: Christian Artillo, President and Mary Jo Negrito, Vice-President
Grade 9B: Angela Suara, President and Don Aris Hadap, Vice-President
Grade 10: Yorika Jaud, President and Spenzer Umali, Vice-President

Together with the Junior High School classroom officers were the newly Students Affair Council (SAC) officers namely: 

President: Steve Louise Rotelo
Vice-President: Claire Tarrosa
Secretary: Leanne Guanco
Treasurer: Mel Apacible
P.I.O.: Ayesha Quirao
Sgt. at Arms: Christine Salvacion and Toffy Amador

Last July 9, we went on a team building at Forest Springs, Patag Mountain Resort (the last stand of the Japanese Imperial Army in Negros Island where numerous war artifacts were recovered and foxholes and tunnels can still be found).  We had a whole day activity which we truly enjoyed, with games like building tower made of drinking straws to crossing the river game and catching the dragon's tail.  We enjoyed all of it and we learned many lessons and values from it, like working together will make the result favorable to everyone in the team, being patient and understanding and to think positively.   The activity I liked the most is catching the dragon's tail, we were to form a line and the first in line is the dragon's head, the last in line is the dragon's tail. The dragon's head then tries to catch the tail by maneuvering the line around so that he can tag the last player. All the players in the middle do their best to hinder the dragon's head. Don't let the line break.  It was tiring yet fun!  

At the end of the day, more than the memories and fun, it was the lessons that we learned that matters.  And I was able to make an acronym of the word LEADER, of what a leader must posses and must be. 

A leader must Lead.
A leader must Empower.
A leader must be Aware.
A leader must be Daring.
A leader must be Effective. 
A leader must be Resilient.

"The boy who is going to make a great man must not make up his mind merely to overcome a thousand obstacles, but to win in spite of a thousand repulses and defeats."  Theodore Roosevelt, 27th President of the USA

Written by:  Steve Louise Rotelo, Grade 10 
SAC President 2016

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Kindergarten Students Watched Finding Dory

Last June 29, the two Kindergarten classes of 40 students watched the movie, Finding Dory, at SM Cinema, Bacolod City. They had popcorn, a cupcake and a juice drink for snacks.  

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Freshmen Week and Acquaintance Party 2016

A new school year once again started and it is going to be exciting for the students especially to the Freshmen who are starting high school. 

St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City held the Initiation Week for the Freshmen last June 29 to July 1.  The said event was organized by the Students Affair Council (SAC) and the Grade 10 students.  It aimed to boost the confidence of the Freshmen in getting along with their fellow high school students.  But most especially, it aimed to enliven the core values of St. Francis of Assisi to the Freshmen. 

Every Freshman was given a task by their "manang" and "manong" in Grade 10 while wearing a themed attire every day.  The first day was themed as the "Religious Habit Day" where Freshmen dressed like saints, clergymen, monks, nuns and other religious persons.  Professional Day was the theme on the second day as the 7th graders wore their future professions.  The third day was "Military Outfit" and on the last day, it was "Mother Earth Day." 

On Friday, July 1, the Acquaintance Party was held to showcase the talents of the Freshmen.  Water War and Paint Party added more enjoyment to the students while band music and worship songs serenaded the school campus. 

Written by: Lord William B. Pacurib, Grade 10-Hope

Water War Game video (c) Lina Gabiño
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Thursday, July 7, 2016

YMC Animators' Pilgrimage in Luzon

Last April 25-30, the St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City's Youth Marian Crusade Animators, teachers Romnick Sadio, Jennifer Tabujara and Mia Joy Villanueva, joined the annual pilgrimage in Luzon.  They visited 7 churches in Luzon of the 7 Doors of Mercy:  Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage in Antipolo, Rizal; Our Lady of the Abandoned in Marikina City; San Nicolas de Tolentino Cathedral in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija; St. Joseph Cathedral Shrine in Balanga, Bataan; Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine in Pangasinan; San Fabian Church in Pangasinan and Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral in Baguio City.

 "I was overwhelmed when we visited different churches in Luzon.  One church attracted me most was the 5th Door of Mercy, The Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine in Pangasinan.  There are so many devotees on that day who were in line to pray and touch the image of Our Lady of Manaoag.  It tested our patience as we also waited for our turn.  I gained a lot of things as an Animator of this congregation. I feel so blessed to continue to serve the young through camaraderie with the youth ministry." by Romnick Sadio

"This year,  the Catholic Church is celebrating the Jubilee Year of Mercy. Last April 25 to 30, 2016 was indeed a great and unforgettable experience for me.  As a Y.M.C. animator, I was given a privilege to experience the Pilgrimage in Luzon via Door of Mercy together with the other Y.M.C. animators (teachers from other schools- public/private school). We visited the Seven Doors of Mercy in Luzon, Mt. Samat in Bataan and other Historical Churches. We met the Animators-Luzon Chapter, YMC trainors, and inspiring priests there.  They shared their love and experiences in YMC that made me more inspired to continue as an animator.

Every morning we prayed the rosary. Before we entered the door of mercy, we prayed the Jubilee Year of Mercy prayer, I had the feeling of acceptance, accepting that I am a sinner but God is so merciful because He forgives all my sins. As a pilgrim, it strengthened my faith to be more prayerful, compassionate and merciful animator and as a Christian as well. A pilgrimage, I must say, every Catholic should experience just like what our Pope Francis said. Regardless of the beautiful churches and places, it made me realize that we should "live by faith and not by sight" (2 Corinthians 5:7).
I came home full of hope to share with my Y.M.C. members that we should always put God in our minds and hearts first before anything else." by Jennifer Tabujara

"During the pilgrimage, every moment was perfect. It was the best journey I ever had. Every minute was well spent. Every schedule was followed and on time.

The best activity we had was entering the Holy Doors of Mercy. Every time I entered, I had goose bumps. The very memorable church we visited was in Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine in Pangasinan. I learned that staying in a place where we always pray is not enough but to travel to different houses of God is much better because you will see the people who praise Him and visit Him in the church. I promised to myself to continue visiting other God's houses (the Catholic churches). by Mia Joy Villanueva

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