Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Day at Work

One Thursday in November 2013, forty one high school seniors went their own ways to join teachers, software engineers, mechanics and technicians, cooks and hotel management workers, book keepers and sales clerks.

For roughly 8 hours, these graduates-to-be took a glimpse of what a working day in their desired field is like.

Anjo Tingson at Baldevia Pension House in Silay City

This one-day career immersion is part of SFAS’ career orientation program headed by Ms April Suating of the guidance office. It was only launched in 2012.

Gleanne Sola at Silay Tourism office

Jake Canag at the Akubo Software Philippines office in Bacolod City

Every month the SFAS high school welcomes a visit from either a professional or a fresh graduate and a representative from various schools. These guest speakers tell stories of their experiences and work and of the courses or programs in other colleges and universities.

Miguel Belonio, Ken Rey Pabale, John Nino Busel, Keith Monge, Miguel Lavilla, and Claude Corudga
at Hacienda Tinihaban's farm and "shop."

Occasionally our students also visit school campuses for a brief career talk and a tour by a representative. 

Christine Diaz with SFAS's school nurse

Some seniors spent the day with Ayala Office’s marketing team, at the Akubo Software, the Baldevia Pension House, the Silay Tourism team, and with teachers at SFAS itself.

The school hopes the students not only find a deeper appreciation for education, but also “for the work that their parents do every day,” Ms April said, “so that they can have this education.”