Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A New School Year Begins

A new school year began for St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City last June 6, 2012.  Several students shared what their first two weeks is like in SFAS and what they liked most.

“I like the new teachers. My classmates and I love to sing and dance.” by Yana Mishika Amador, Pre-Kinder

“I really love the story telling with the big screen (projector)! I wish we always have storytelling.” by Famous Fame Celestial, Kinder 
“I love drawing, coloring and storytelling. I also like our new teachers.  They are very helpful, kind and friendly to us.” by Christine Joy Navigar, Grade 1

“I especially love the new books in the library."  by Kimberly Capablanca, Grade 1
"I am a transferee from Manila and as a new student, my classmates are very friendly and they helped me adjust.” by Kassandra Althea Magbanua, Grade 1
“I am a returnee to SFAS and I like it here because the teachers are really concerned with us and they really teach well.”  by Rey Martin Montero, Grade 6

A couple of students and teachers shared as well their expectations for the new school year 2012 - 2013.

“I hope that the students this year will be more disciplined. It is more better to study and learn if every student cooperates.” by Ma. Alexa Ysabelle Carballo, Grade 6
“We hope to have a memorable year because this is our last year in high school and in our school SFAS. I really hope that we have fun but be mature also and be responsible for our actions.” by Christy Zaragoza, Grade 10

"I hope that we will be given more workshops and faculty development sessions just like last year.” by Sir Joevani Buenafe, teacher

A few more questions were thrown to the students and faculty and these were their answers.

Who is your favorite teacher?
“I like Sir Leonard and Sir Jomar, although they are strict, but they have time for us students. They really reach out to us and I feel that personal connection with them. They are also helping us prepare for our teen years which I really appreciate.” by Alana Bless D. Corugda, Grade 6

How do you feel about strict rules being enforced in SFAS?
“I feel that these rules are all here because we have to be disciplined in school. I feel that they also give us some freedom because they want to see how we can take care of this freedom and of course challenge our discipline.” by Christy Zaragosa, Grade 10

How do you feel being a Tapulanga Foundation scholar in SFAS?
“I am blessed and thankful that I am an SFAS scholar since Grade 1. Being a scholar is more than just a blessing for me, life is stress-free. I don’t have to think about the financial aspect. I just focus on my studies and I don’t worry about anything else. So my energies are all into studying and making it good in school.” by Jesselle Hermano, Grade 10

Why teach in SFAS?
"I have seen for myself how the school really helps our underprivileged students.
In SFAS, I am able to improve my skills and other talents. I like designing, playing volleyball and choreographing dance and shows. I am able to do these in SFAS and share with the school and my students.” by Sir Joevani Buenafe, teacher