Saturday, November 21, 2015

Culmination of the Holy Rosary

Every October, the Universal Church celebrates the month of the Holy Rosary. October was chosen as the Rosary month because October 7 is the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary which was established in 1571 by St. Pope Pius V to commemorate the triumphant battle of Lepanto attributed to the Virgin Mary, whose help was invoked through praying the Holy Rosary.

As a Catholic institution, St. Francis of Assisi School participated in the month-long celebration. Every flag ceremony, the first mystery was prayed then the remaining four mysteries were prayed during classes in the day.

Then last October 30, the Culmination of the Holy Rosary month was held. Since it was a Friday, the Sorrowful Mysteries was prayed. Before each mystery, a short Gospel passage was read and students offered flowers to Mother Mary. Chosen students from different grade levels formed a pattern of the rosary, where one student corresponded to one bead of the rosary.

Every time we prayed the Hail Mary in the Holy Rosary, we invoked the help of our Mother to pray for us until our last breath.

written by Lord William Pacurib, Grade 9

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

SFAS Joins the LASSO Conference

The LaSallian Schools Supervision Office (LASSO) Conference was held at La Salle Greenhills last October 26-27. We were sent to represent the school together with faculty member Ms. Lina Gabino and office staff Ms. Marion Malunes, both of whom attended the School Heads' Conference.  The 5 of us, namely, Danica Da-anoy, Danilo Villanueva, Oliver Boiser, Angelo De Los Santos and myself, Marlyn Bernasol, attended the LASSO Academic and Cultural Meet. This meeting allowed us to get acquainted with other students from La Salle supervised schools in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. We were able to share our knowledge, talents and skills. 
Oliver and I joined the Academic Meet wherein we were grouped with another pair and we answered three-levels of difficulty questions (easy, average and difficult). We were not able to get to the winning stage but we enjoyed it because we got to compete with other students.  We shared our talent in the afternoon during the Cultural show. We performed acapella and pop dance. We enjoyed and did our best to perform as this was not a competition but simply to entertain our fellow students.
We really enjoyed our stay in Manila. The experience helped improved my confidence and exposed me to social activities with my classmates.  And before we headed home, we were treated to a tour in Manila Ocean Park!

written by: Marlyn Bernasol, Grade 10

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Friday, November 6, 2015

SFAS Club: Larong Pinoy

Children nowadays are too exposed to the world of technology. Television, cellphones, tablets, laptops, computers, iPads, etc.  Their kind of fun is just at their fingertips.  They would just sit, take a gadget and play anywhere, that's their own definition of "fun".
Members playing Sungka with the club moderator, Ms. Rose Iglesia.
Larong Pinoy Club of St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City is made to take the student's focus out from technology even for a little while and introduce them to other "fun" activities. Club meetings are done once a month and the 13 members are taught different Filipino games.  Since June, they have played Kadang-kadang (played by balancing on coconut shells), Sipa (or kick), Sack race and Sungka (involves dropping shells or stones into large holes on a long canoe-shaped board)"  The next club meeting will be intended for the game Tumba Lata (knocking down cans). Sipa has become a trend in SFAS when other students saw some of the Larong Pinoy Club members playing it.

Sack Race

 "I like it in Larong Pinoy Club because it is fun and I enjoy the games.  I like playing Kadang-kadang." by Kimberly Capablanca, Grade 4

"I like the Filipino games we play in Larong Pinoy Club.  I hope we can play Patintero and Tumba Lata soon."  by Gio Sala, Grade 4

"I love the Sungka game."  by Arianne Valencia, Grade 4

written by Irah Jenne Bustamante, Grade 10

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Monday, November 2, 2015

World Teachers' Day Celebration

Negros Occidental Private School Sports Cultural Educational Association (NOPSSCEA) celebrated World Teacher's Day last October 5 at the University of St. La Salle Coliseum, Bacolod City. It was participated by the different NOPSSCEA member schools.  Most teachers and staff of St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City joined the celebration and had a share of fun and camaraderie.

A Zumba dance activity started the program and highlighted with the contest "Your Face Looks Familiar", a parody of the popular TV Show, "Your Face Sounds Familiar."  Then more games, were played and everyone got to team up with other teachers from other schools.

"I enjoyed the activities, especially the games Shortest Line and Tug-O-War.  I became friends with the other teachers I met."  by Ms. Louren Purisima

"I really enjoyed the games!"  by Ms. Jenny Lou Leonor

"It was a special day for us teachers and staff." Sir Romnick Sadio

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