Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Search-In Circle 4

The first batch of 3rd year students this school year finished the Search-In retreat Circle 4 last Aug. 1 - 3, 2008. A special thanks to Ms. Ging Graham, and fellow Search-Inners of St. Scholastica's Academy batch 1986 Tashie Fuentebella-Sales and Ann Gregorio-Carmona and La Salle Search-Inner Mafi Segovia for helping fund the meals of some of the farm kids who couldn't afford the retreat fee.

What is Search-In to you?

“.... a heartbreaking weekend retreat that can put you on cloud nine!” Micho Santillan
“.... a sweet and spicy pancit canton nga may sinadya kag kasakit!” Jessica Mosquera
“.... exciting, maraming pagkain, PABUSOG!” Jonas Pactao
“.... a program nga ginhimu para sa mga youth nga buligan sila ipagwa ang ila hibubun-ot!” Aeriel Guadalupe
“.... like a baptism that cleansed our sins and strengthened our faith!” Jona Antolo
“.... IMPIYERNO nga HEAVEN kay WALA CELLPHONE, WALA RELO kag DAMO BAWAL!! Pero SADYA GID kag damo ko nabal-an sa self ko kag sa iban!” Anton Gamboa

I consider the Search-in retreat one of my most unforgettable experiences. It was a 3-day recollection, with lots of activities done, and in each of them, many lessons were preciously valued. In this experience, I had learned to trust other people. This is were we developed a better relationship with our fellow students and understood them better. We made lots of discoveries not only about ourselves, but most importantly about God. We had grown more matured and had learned to look on the positive side. The search-in retreat had taught us to appreciate ourselves and to be true to ourselves. Having this retreat is a privilege for we all know that not all people could have undergone this. But the most important thing of all, this experience helped us find what we are searching for ------ and He is God! Jeremy Deogracias, Big Sister of Circle 4


Last July 30, the 4th year class went on a field trip to Teletech Call Center and McDonald's in Bacolod City as part of their career-orientation in their Economics class. They were exposed to the working environments of the two companies and introduced to the call center industry and fastfood restaurant industry. The students were toured around each of the companies' offices, allowing them to see every working area, and they were allowed to ask questions after in a question-and-answer panel discussion.

Learning Both Manual and Automated!

Thru the Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) classes in school, the high school students of SFAS are learning how to type (using the traditional typewriter). At the same time, they are being exposed to the use of the computer since that is the present technology in the world today! While each student is provided with a typewriter, two students share in one computer :)

Girls Scouts On A Mission to Help!

Two balikbayan boxes arrived last Aug. 1, 2008 in school from Maryland, U.S.A. Fifteen Girl Scouts at Forest Knolls Elementary School and their families filled these boxes with an assortment of children's reading books, costumes, toys and other stuff for the students of SFAS. A heartfelt thank you goes out to the following girls: Addie McCaul, Amita Chatterjee, Brianna Forte, Dahlia Ehrenberg, Daniella Cruz, Hanna Moore, Julissa Pegram, Katie Parsons, Melanie Keener, Olivia Parkinson, Phenon Murphy, Priya Chatterjee, Rachel Parsons, Sarah Hickey, and Susanna Maisto. Thank you girls for thinking of the children in SFAS!
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Learning from Someone with Experience

Last July 9, 2008, I invited my former High School classmate and long-time friend, Tweety Golez, to be a guest speaker in my World History and Economics classes. She shared her experiences living and working abroad, specifically in Belgium and Australia, to my World History class. She introduced my Economics class to the world of accountancy, sharing her experiences studying accountancy in college and eventually working as an auditor in one of the top accounting firms in the country (SGV).

by Sir JR Abello, SFAS teacher