Saturday, August 21, 2010

Career Orientation on Vocations

Bro. Aeriann Lopez of the La Salle Brothers and Sister Vilma Juaneza of the Carmelite Missionaries Congregation shared their time, experience in the religious life and personal notes to the 3rd and 4th Year students last August 13, 2010. As part of the Career Orientation Program of the school, the afternoon was focused on Vocation.

Bro. Arianne was joined by the boys while Sister Vilma was with the girls. As shared by both resource persons, vocation or religious life is a calling and it can come from nowhere and at anytime.

Is religious life boring? Brother Arianne answered back with a question. Are you bored with me? The boys had an interesting time with no dull moments listening as Bro. Arianne shared his professional life as an advertiser to a happy fulfilled Brother.

A Shower of Books and Magazines for the Schoo Library

For the first quarter of this school year, we have had a tremendous amount of donation of magazines and books for our library! From fiction to children's books, encyclopedias, magazines, Reader's Digest and Catholic Digest. A special thank you to the following donors: Mrs. Anne Ordonez-del Rosario, Mr. and Mrs. Noel Calanog, Mrs. Janice de la Cruz-Ragona and Mrs. Catherine Yulo-Khan, Ms. Millie Kilayko, Mrs. Lia Abello-Ridout and St. Mark's Catholic School in Virginia, U.S.A. and Ms. Margaret Abello (and her friends who donated thru her).

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Monday is Share a Native Snack Day!

As SFAS celebrates August as Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa with the theme: Wikang Pilipino - Gamitin, Tangkilikin, Mahalin at Pagyamanin, students bring a native snack to share among classmates every Monday for the entire month.

The Computer Generation

The Computer 9 and 10 girls classes held an exhibit of the work they did as their examinations during the first quarter of the school year. Their lesson for the quarter was on Publisher so they had to make a calendar, school brochure and newsletter.

Monday is Filipiniana Day!

As SFAS celebrates August as Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa with the theme: Wikang Pilipino - Gamitin, Tangkilikin, Mahalin at Pagyamanin, students, faculty and staff dress in Filipiniana every Monday for the entire month.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Vitamin Can We Get from the Sun?

In celebration of Nutrition Month in July, the SFAS held a Quiz Bee elimination by classroom and the top five students represented the class during the finals last July 29, 2010. Contestants had to answer multiple choice questions about nutrition. Christian Louie Artillo (Grade 3), Thea Tininahan (Grade 6) and Jessica Estardo (3rd year) won in their respective levels.

GRADES 1 - 3
Soft drink is good for the body.
Yes or No

Where do you go if your stomach is aching?
Doctor or Dentist

DIFFICULT ROUND (and winning question)
What vitamin can we get from the sun?
a. D
b. C
c. B
d. A

GRADES 4 - 6
In the new food pyramid, beans and meat share a food group.
True or False

This nutrient is most important for healthy vision.
a. Vitamin K
b. Iron
c. Calcium
d. Vitamin A

DIFFICULT ROUND (and winning question)
What is the bottom part of the food pyramid?
a. protein
b. carbohydrates
c. fat
d. fiber

What kind of disease can one acquire if there is lack of calcium and fiber so bones become brittle?
a. scoliosis
b. arthritis
c. epilepsy
d. osteoporosis

_______ is a waxy fatlike compound that is found throughout the body.
a. cholesterol
b. virus
c. bacteria
d. metabolism

DIFFICULT ROUND (and winning question)
This mineral is essential for healthy red blood cells and a deficiency causes anemia.
a. iron
b. magnesium
c. iodine
d. chromium

Future Declamers of SFAS

Eight students attended the Declamation Workshop given by Ms. Jo Garbanzos-Justiniani last July 24, 2010 at Lopue's East Centre, Bacolod City.

We learned facial expressions. (Steve Rotelo, Grade 4)

When I was in that workshop, I made many friends. (Ma. Alex Ysabelle Carballo, Grade 4)

I learned how to control our voice. (Shiela Mae Filipinas, Grade 4)

I like the part when we acted and played some games. I had fun! (Axel Rose Casiple, Grade 5)

I liked the activity where we exercised our body. (Oliver James Boiser, Grade 5)

I liked the part when we played Paint Me A Picture. (Jessele Torres, Grade 6)

My favorite part was when I saw some participants declaimed. (Hannah Mae Bacroya, Grade 6)

I liked most are the activities and games we played. (Christine Marie Reyes, Grade 6)

PCA Cookfest 2010

The Parent Council Association (PCA) joined the school celebrate Nutrition Month in July thru a cooking contest among parents of each grade / year level. Kinder and Prep parents had to prepare any dish using the ingredient, alogbati (a leafy vegetable very common to the Philippines). The Kinder parents won with their tasty Guisadong Monggo dish (bean soup). Grades 1 to 3 parents had to prepare Guisadong Monggo dish and the 3rd Graders won as they used native chicken to make their dish tastier than the others. Grades 4 to 6 parents had to prepare a dish using available vegetables from the backyard garden, chopseuy style. The 6th graders won as their presentation was the best and others used canned vegetables, e.g. button mushrooms and young corn and broccoli, a vegetable not commonly grown. High school parents had to prepare any dish using the ingredient, kangkong (a vegetable wherein the leaves and stems are edible). The parents of the Senior class won as they prepared a delicious Ginataang Kangkong ala Pinakbet.

A big thank you to our dear parents who enthusiastically and wholeheartedly gave their time and resource in making the cookfest a success!

And special thanks to our judges as well: Mrs. Michelle Uy-Gerona, owner of Misyel's Catering Services in Bacolod City; Ms. Tess Mallorca, a retired SFAS teacher; and Mrs. June Abello, a food lover.