Monday, October 18, 2010

SFAS Market Day

A new program this school year was launched: SFAS Market Day every month (either on the 15th or 30th of the month) last September 15, 2010. Parents brought their produce to school in the afternoon and sell; other parents, faculty and staff are encouraged to do their "marketing" of vegetables, fruits, fish and meal in school. It is "cheaper!" The next market say is on Oct. 29, 2010 at 3:00 p.m.

"Disciples" of J.C. for the Day

Last Sept. 29, 2010, the 1st year CLE (Religion) class of Sir JR Abello went to school dressed as "disciples" of Jesus Christ. They went around with scrolls they made with a passage from the Bible, spreading the Good News. Other students had to sign their scrolls to signify that they have read God's Word.

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Preview of What College Life Will Be

From the everyday classroom life of the first quarter of Academic Year 2010-2011, the 33 4th year students were looking forward to their visit to Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) and Carlos Hilado Memorial State College (CHMSC) last August 20 as part of the Guidance Career Orientation Program.

The first stop was at TUP with Ms. Thirza L. Ojas, the Guidance Counselor, accommodating us. A campus tour showcasing the Laboratory and Motor-Machine-Welding shops was the highlight, seeing the students doing the actual work from the theories learned.

CHMSC welcomed us with a colorful campus and a festive mood. It was their "Education Week" and a cultural show was on-going while the tour was facilitated by student assistants. The students were able to see the exhibit and a chance to see the 1st performance of the playground demonstration with two of SFAS alumni performing (Stephanie Sabare and Rogelyn Mueden).

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Career Orientation on Vocations

Bro. Aeriann Lopez of the La Salle Brothers and Sister Vilma Juaneza of the Carmelite Missionaries Congregation shared their time, experience in the religious life and personal notes to the 3rd and 4th Year students last August 13, 2010. As part of the Career Orientation Program of the school, the afternoon was focused on Vocation.

Bro. Arianne was joined by the boys while Sister Vilma was with the girls. As shared by both resource persons, vocation or religious life is a calling and it can come from nowhere and at anytime.

Is religious life boring? Brother Arianne answered back with a question. Are you bored with me? The boys had an interesting time with no dull moments listening as Bro. Arianne shared his professional life as an advertiser to a happy fulfilled Brother.

A Shower of Books and Magazines for the Schoo Library

For the first quarter of this school year, we have had a tremendous amount of donation of magazines and books for our library! From fiction to children's books, encyclopedias, magazines, Reader's Digest and Catholic Digest. A special thank you to the following donors: Mrs. Anne Ordonez-del Rosario, Mr. and Mrs. Noel Calanog, Mrs. Janice de la Cruz-Ragona and Mrs. Catherine Yulo-Khan, Ms. Millie Kilayko, Mrs. Lia Abello-Ridout and St. Mark's Catholic School in Virginia, U.S.A. and Ms. Margaret Abello (and her friends who donated thru her).

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Monday is Share a Native Snack Day!

As SFAS celebrates August as Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa with the theme: Wikang Pilipino - Gamitin, Tangkilikin, Mahalin at Pagyamanin, students bring a native snack to share among classmates every Monday for the entire month.

The Computer Generation

The Computer 9 and 10 girls classes held an exhibit of the work they did as their examinations during the first quarter of the school year. Their lesson for the quarter was on Publisher so they had to make a calendar, school brochure and newsletter.

Monday is Filipiniana Day!

As SFAS celebrates August as Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa with the theme: Wikang Pilipino - Gamitin, Tangkilikin, Mahalin at Pagyamanin, students, faculty and staff dress in Filipiniana every Monday for the entire month.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Vitamin Can We Get from the Sun?

In celebration of Nutrition Month in July, the SFAS held a Quiz Bee elimination by classroom and the top five students represented the class during the finals last July 29, 2010. Contestants had to answer multiple choice questions about nutrition. Christian Louie Artillo (Grade 3), Thea Tininahan (Grade 6) and Jessica Estardo (3rd year) won in their respective levels.

GRADES 1 - 3
Soft drink is good for the body.
Yes or No

Where do you go if your stomach is aching?
Doctor or Dentist

DIFFICULT ROUND (and winning question)
What vitamin can we get from the sun?
a. D
b. C
c. B
d. A

GRADES 4 - 6
In the new food pyramid, beans and meat share a food group.
True or False

This nutrient is most important for healthy vision.
a. Vitamin K
b. Iron
c. Calcium
d. Vitamin A

DIFFICULT ROUND (and winning question)
What is the bottom part of the food pyramid?
a. protein
b. carbohydrates
c. fat
d. fiber

What kind of disease can one acquire if there is lack of calcium and fiber so bones become brittle?
a. scoliosis
b. arthritis
c. epilepsy
d. osteoporosis

_______ is a waxy fatlike compound that is found throughout the body.
a. cholesterol
b. virus
c. bacteria
d. metabolism

DIFFICULT ROUND (and winning question)
This mineral is essential for healthy red blood cells and a deficiency causes anemia.
a. iron
b. magnesium
c. iodine
d. chromium

Future Declamers of SFAS

Eight students attended the Declamation Workshop given by Ms. Jo Garbanzos-Justiniani last July 24, 2010 at Lopue's East Centre, Bacolod City.

We learned facial expressions. (Steve Rotelo, Grade 4)

When I was in that workshop, I made many friends. (Ma. Alex Ysabelle Carballo, Grade 4)

I learned how to control our voice. (Shiela Mae Filipinas, Grade 4)

I like the part when we acted and played some games. I had fun! (Axel Rose Casiple, Grade 5)

I liked the activity where we exercised our body. (Oliver James Boiser, Grade 5)

I liked the part when we played Paint Me A Picture. (Jessele Torres, Grade 6)

My favorite part was when I saw some participants declaimed. (Hannah Mae Bacroya, Grade 6)

I liked most are the activities and games we played. (Christine Marie Reyes, Grade 6)

PCA Cookfest 2010

The Parent Council Association (PCA) joined the school celebrate Nutrition Month in July thru a cooking contest among parents of each grade / year level. Kinder and Prep parents had to prepare any dish using the ingredient, alogbati (a leafy vegetable very common to the Philippines). The Kinder parents won with their tasty Guisadong Monggo dish (bean soup). Grades 1 to 3 parents had to prepare Guisadong Monggo dish and the 3rd Graders won as they used native chicken to make their dish tastier than the others. Grades 4 to 6 parents had to prepare a dish using available vegetables from the backyard garden, chopseuy style. The 6th graders won as their presentation was the best and others used canned vegetables, e.g. button mushrooms and young corn and broccoli, a vegetable not commonly grown. High school parents had to prepare any dish using the ingredient, kangkong (a vegetable wherein the leaves and stems are edible). The parents of the Senior class won as they prepared a delicious Ginataang Kangkong ala Pinakbet.

A big thank you to our dear parents who enthusiastically and wholeheartedly gave their time and resource in making the cookfest a success!

And special thanks to our judges as well: Mrs. Michelle Uy-Gerona, owner of Misyel's Catering Services in Bacolod City; Ms. Tess Mallorca, a retired SFAS teacher; and Mrs. June Abello, a food lover.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sayaw, Sabel

The Silay City government and Locsin Genealogy Foundation, Inc. sponsored the presentation of "SAYAW, SABEL", a neo-ethnic ballet choreographed by Agnes Locsin last July 23, 2010 at Natalio G. Velez Sports and Cultural Center. SFAS high school students, mostly members of the dance club, theatre guild and chorale and some teachers watched the show and had a group photo taken with Silay City mayor, Jose "Oti" Montelibano.

PhotoJourn for Teens

The BACPAT Youth Development Foundation and the Tuklas Learning Center of the Negros Museum held the"PhotoJourn for Teens" Workshop at the Negros Museum last July 20 and 21, 2010 from 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

The workshop was conducted by Pierre Emmanuel Michel, an award winning French photojournalist who was traveling around the Philippines at that time.

SFAS sent Earl Tarrosa, 2nd year student and Jessica Estardo, 3rd year student to attend the workshop as they were very much interested to learn how to take photographs. Their favorite part of the workshop was when they took pictures of people in the Capitol lagoon and talked to them.

Seniors Getting Ready for College

On August 25, 2010, 4th year students will take the National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE). This is a requirement for many (if not all) colleges; and some universities, especially those who offer college scholarships which base the grant on the rating of the applicant for this test. The students have been attending Saturday morning classes since June till the week before exams for an NCAE review. The review covers the following subjects: Science, English (Paragraph Meaning and Logical Organization of Ideas), Math (Data Sufficiency, Numerical Ability, Problem Solving, and Quantitative Relationship), Manipulative Skills, Clerical Ability, Verbal and Non-Verbal Abilities and Entrepreneurial Ability.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Grade School Teachers Learn From Each Other

Last June 18, 2010, Sir JR Abello facilitated the Faculty Development to the grade school teachers of SFAS.

Teachers had teaching demonstration, poem reading, spelling and summarizing. (Ms. Mara Hinolan)

I liked the teaching demonstrations because the participants were able to show their different strategies and styles of teaching. (Ms. Jonnalyn Daiz)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The SFAS Family Is Growing

One teacher in 1964.

Forty six years later ...

20 teachers and 6 staff members

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Guidance Office Orientation

Last June 8, 2010, Mrs. Emilie Sales Diaz, Guidance counselor of SFAS, held an orientation to the students on what services they can avail from the Guidance Office.

Welcome Back To School!

It's a new school year again for SFAS!
Welcome back to school ...
470 students from Kindergarten to 4th year high school,
20 teachers and 7 staff members!

Eskuwela Brigada 2010

SFAS joins Eskuwela Brigada last June 4, 2010! Thanks to all the parents, students, faculty and staff who joined the school clean-up in preparation for the opening of classes.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Student Officers Plan for the New School Year

The SAC officers of SY 2010-2011 had a great time learning and expanding their knowledge about leadership. Last June 2, we had our team building. We also planned various projects for our school as well as our tasks for the whole school year. The SAC would be responsible for the bulletin boards in High school, Grade 4 area and at the Ledesma Hall. Our council plans to have fund raising project to provide benches and tables for the school canteen. We plan to hold film showing twice a month and host the Freshmen Night. We also plan to do tree planting and organize a waste segregation talk.

President: Kimberly Anne Salario (4th year)
Vice President: Joahanna Ganza (3rd year)
Secretary: Angelica Isugon (2nd year)
Treasurer: Kyle Dominic Barnuevo (1st year)
P.I.O.: Leny Grace Vivero (4th year)
Sgt. at Arms: Alvin Capablanca (4th year)
and Bettina Suanque (3rd year)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Teachers Become Students during the Summer

It's the teacher's turn to be a student during the summer. SFAS teachers attended seminars and workshops in preparation for the new school year.

Malikhaing Guro Workshop (April 19-23, 2010 at the Negros Museum, Bacolod City)

Five teachers attended the workshop: Ms. Leda Ibugan, Ms. Liza Acuesa, Ms. Lea Mae dela Cruz, Ms. Jadelle Barcoma and Ms. Mara Hinolan. They learned poem and song composition making, storytelling as well as acting and different group dynamics they could use in the classroom. The workshop focused on the use of drama, music and cultural arts in teaching.

FAPE In-Service Training: Understanding by Design Seminar for First Year Teachers in English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Filipino (April 19 - 21, 2010 at Iloilo City)

Three teachers with the school principal attended the seminar: Sir Ariel and Ms. Lina Gabino, Sir Leonard Guinabo and Ms. Melit Gustilo. They learned the new lesson plan format using the UbD framework.

Seminar on Managerial Excellence in the Information Age (April 29-30, 2010 at Sampaguita Gardens Resort, Aklan)

Ms. May Santillan, school librarian, attended the seminar for all librarians on the importance of information technology in today's generation.

FAPE In-Service Training of First Year Teachers of Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE), Music and Arts, Physical Education and Health (MAPEH) and Values Education on the 2010 Secondary Education Curriculum (May 1 - 3, 2010 at El Grande Hotel, Iloilo City)

Three teachers attended the seminar: Sir Matt Carlo Concha, Ms. Dina Almarquez and Ms. Harlene Figueroa. The new lesson plan format using the UbD framework was discussed.

GASTPE Seminar on Policies and Guidelines on the Implementation of the ESC and EVS Grants in Private Secondary Education for SY 2010-2011. (May 6-7, 2010 at Saravia Manor Hotel, Iloilo City)

Ms. Carmelita Gustilo, school principal and Ms. Crisel Estardo, school secretary attended the seminar.

Seminar-Working on "Bringing Books to Life ... the Power of Story-Telling" (May 29, 2010 at NOHS, Bacolod City)

The Kindergarten teachers, Ms. Jadelle Barcoma and Ms. Maribel Moral, attended the seminar-workshop.

"Speaking English is important!"

For three weeks, three hours every morning, from May 3 - 21, about 40 High School students attended what was called the "English-Speaking Workshop," given by Sir JR Abello.

In an effort to improve the English-speaking skills at St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City, the workshop was designed to take away students' hesitance in using the English language for everyday conversations. Its activities were geared towards creating an atmosphere wherein students realize that speaking in English is no longer "baduy" or "uncool."

Students were forced to use English MOST of the time; different everyday situations were simulated to make the students see their lives...but this time using English as their way of communicating.

The workshop's slogan was "Speaking English is important!" The workshop hopes to continue come June, with once-a-week sessions after classes.

Kinder Summer Camp 2010

Seventeen scholars of the Tapulanga Foundation attended the Kinder Summer Camp program last May 24 - 28, 2010 in SFAS campus. The objective of the program was to introduce and have these kids familiarize themselves with the classroom setting as they will be going to school FOR THE FIRST TIME in June already as Kindergarten students.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Champs in SFAS!

SFAS is very proud of students' Edwin Antolo and Stephanie Diaz for being part of the Region VI Archery Team in the Palarong Pambansa (Philippine National Games) held last April 11 - 17, 2010 at Tarlac, Pampanga. They are already WINNERS - champions in SFAS!

I learned how to help my team mates during the game when they had problems. I also learned how to have faith in God because He gave me strength.
- Edwin Antolo

Palaro is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will happily remember and proudly share with my friends. Being an athlete in Palaro is also fun and exciting because I learned that there are a lot of athletes in different sports who are better than me and this will make me strive harder to practice and practice for my next encounter with them. - Stephanie Diaz

Monday, May 10, 2010

The First Ever Preschool Tribute to Parents

SFAS Kindergarten and Prep classes prepared the first ever Tribute to Parents program last March 26, 2010 at the covered court of the school campus. Parents were treated to an hour of watching their children dance, sing and perform beautifully on stage!

The Prep students presented a play entitled "The Wind and The Sun."
The audience was entertained with the beautiful FLOWERS in action!

The program ended with a number of all the kids going on stage
wearing different costumes on

Saturday, May 8, 2010

41st Commencement Exercises of SFAS

The 41st Commencement Exercises of St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City was held last March 27, 2010 at the school campus. It started with a mass celebrated by Fr. Henryck Villanueva. Thirty-six students graduated in 6th grade and thirty-five students in 4th year high school.

Inspirational Talk: Mr. Edgardo Ibanez, Class 1986 of SFAS
Valedictory Addresses of the First Honors:
Kyle Dominic Barnuevo, Grade 6
Micho Santillan, 4th year

Many special awards were given out to deserving students:
Loyalty Award
Character Awards
Attendance Award
Organization Awards
Subject Excellence Awards
With Honors Awards
General Excellence Awards


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Truly a First Honor in All Aspects

Micho Santillan, valedictorian of the 2009-2010 high school graduating class, is the eldest son of Charlito and May Santillan. During the 41st Commencement Exercises of the St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City Foundation, Inc. last March 27, 2010, Micho also received the following awards: the St. Francis of Assisi Award, Loyalty Award, Most Industrious, Attendance Award, Leadership Award, Subject Excellence Awards in Math, Filipino, Science and English, Literary and Cultural Awards in Theater Arts and Declamation, and Best in Sports.

Valedictory Address – Micho Santillan
March 27, 2010

Ms. Mic, teachers, parents, classmates, friends and guests, a pleasant morning to you all. For twelve years, St. Francis has been a special workshop where I explored and discovered new worlds. Here I acted, sang, danced, studied, played, competed and, most important, grew into the person I am today. The road I traveled during these 12 years was rough. Every step I took demanded sacrifices, toil and sweat. But when I decided to set off on this road, I also knew that God would be my faithful companion. He equipped me with intelligence, talents, skills, supportive parents and family to help me survive the journey. Along the way, He enriched me further with teachers and friends. Like many of you here, I come from a poor family. But I never lacked for love, care, support and attention. They provided me with everything I needed although it often meant money worries and debts to pay. My parents taught me how to be responsible, humble and disciplined. They trusted me enough to allow me the freedom to try new experiences thus opening new horizons for me. Ma and Pa, how fortunate I am to be your son! To the parents of the graduating seniors and sixth graders, you deserve a thousand hugs and kisses for allowing us to be a part of St. Francis of Assisi School. Within these walls, we have had the chance to develop physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We feel ready to face the future because our teachers have taught us how to live life fully. Their care, concern and encouragement have helped us persevere through the trials and hardships. Whatever success we might achieve in the future, they are a part of it. Classmates, during these high school years, we have dreamed and achieved, succeeded and failed, laughed and wept. Together we made sweet and sour memories. In spite of our many differences, we still managed to unite our minds, hearts and spirits to form an enduring bond. Our time together is now coming to an end. Parting is so very hard. But take heart in knowing that there will always be the One who has guided us throughout these years, the One who lifted us when we were down. He is our beloved God. He is and will always be with you. Never forget this. Had I studied in another high school, I may have turned out differently. But God gave me two people who made it possible for me to remain in St. Francis. They know me better than other people do. Their words of wisdom and encouragement have kept me growing. Ms. Ging and Sir Mike, thank you for supporting my education and boosting my self-esteem throughout the years. You have been and will continue to be my other Mom and Dad. Each of us present here is a champion. We are champions not because we have won gold medals but because we work to inspire and touch other people’s lives. To my coach Sir Matthew Ledesma, thank you for training me and others to always play like a champion. Let me part from you with these words: “The man who succeeds is not always the most intelligent nor the strongest but the man who thinks HE CAN!” Don’t let failure keep you down. Stand up again and again. Keep moving forward. Keep the fire of the Search-In spirit burning bright within your hearts and always say “yes” to life! Batch 2010, congratulations. To my family, teachers, classmates and friends, thank you for being a part of my life. May God bless us all.

Monday, April 19, 2010

SFAS is Proud of You!

Joseph Glenn Ocnila, former student (and graduated 6th grade in 2006) of St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City, won first place at the poster-making contest sponsored by La Consolacion College last March 24, 2010. He received a medal, 1000 pesos, and a 100% scholarship in the said college. For Joseph, the experience was “memorable,” “worthwhile” and one he “will truly treasure”. In an email he wrote to Sir Mike and Ms. Ging Graham, Joseph thanked them both for sharing their knowledge and words of wisdom as well as their support.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Congratulations to the SFAS Archery Team

The SFAS Archery team just returned home from the recently concluded Western Visayas Regional Athletic Meet held in Aklan. It was a week long competition and our archers came home triumphant. Our very own Stephanie Diaz – a 3rd year student won the overall Gold medal in the girls division, and Edwin Antolo – a 4th year student won the overall silver medal in the boys division. Although Micho Santillan and Lovelyn Villanueva didn’t win any individual medals, but they played their hearts out despite all the odds and kept the team in second place. Both Stephanie and Edwin will be going to the Palarong Pambansa (National Games) this coming April 11 – 20, 2010 to represent the Western Visayas region. They will be leaving on the 4th of April. We wish them the best of luck. Hope they can continue the legacy of Raquel Medina, our Palarong Pambansa Bronze medalist last year.

“The only easy day was yesterday!”

-SFAS Archery Team motto-

Thursday, March 25, 2010

S-Leadership: The Potter's Way

The NOPSSCEA Task Force conducted a two-day S-Leadership Seminar last March 22 - 23, 2010 at the Riverside College Audio-Visual Room 3, Bacolod City with Selene Yu of the Potter's Leadership Academy in Manila as the resource person.

The training was designed to refresh and enrich educators and administrative staff through a series of lectures, self-assessment activities and group dynamics. Mrs. Elena Coja, Mrs. Leda Ibugan, Mrs. Rose Iglesia (teachers) and Mrs. May Santillan (librarian) of SFAS attended the seminar.

"You can't become the leader God designed you to be unless you allow God to be involved in your life." (Ms. May Santillan, School Librarian)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Lesson on Love

It was Friday, March 12, 2010 around 1:40 in the afternoon when all teachers and staff of SFAS went to Robinson's Mall, Bacolod City to relax and be inspired by watching the movie "I Miss You Like Crazy," a post Valentine movie, starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo.

"It was a great bonding moment with my colleagues." (Ms. Liza Acuesa)

"I enjoyed eating at Jolibee after the movie with my co-teachers." (Ms. Harlene Figueroa)

"I loved going out with my friends ... I really appreciate going together with them especially in the movies ... I felt like I'm a teenager again". (Ms. Marissa Guadalupe, School Nurse)

"Love is not bounded by time." (Sir Armando Gayatenia, Jr.)

"Love can wait ... God will give us the right person at the right time." (Sir Leonard Guinabo)